no bodies

by dynamicbeing

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I aint never caught a case..
but keep my hands on a felony,
rolling dirty on the reggie weed smoke heavy
could be on that cocaina cops are gonna murder me,
but I still live with it every day nigga all day,
this skin color linger cuz its permanent, meaning always
tried to kill our fucking history our permanence,
only know how to bomb shit and conquerage,
now they gaslighting us about a murder rate (chicago),
other hand taking money from the NRA,
..integrity is nothing if you gettin cake,
on an island now feeling an alone state
never call me boy or tell me that im well spoken
I will fucking kill you if you treat me like a token
this black anger linger and its got me open
ready to devote my life to militant ways
no-bodies to-ken (NOBODY),
no-bodies to-ken (NOBODY),
no-bodies to-ken (NOBODY)

Taste Nate:

They did us dirty in the 5 30
Did us dirty in the 5 30 yo
I'm still hurting
Like when they put the hate on you
And you need reconstuctive surgeons
Dem I urge
Think it's funny cause we half dense
Got me wavy
But my past tense

I aint never kill no body
But my dads cleansed

White supremisist
Stab my uncle
Up in county
Left him in a casket

No justice cause our county
And my uncle's latin


Demand justice
But its code Word
for less freedom
More control
Is that what you askin
Crystal meth
touching On children
And we just let it happen
I got memories of sitting on
The bench being
Called a spick
And a bitch
By my racist ass coach
I just let it happen

Long as i got some js
And i even trimmed my legs
So they won't call me monkey
Any more

Social anxiety turns
Into suffocation
When you can't breath
Cause the police choke

I'm nobodies
Code word
I'm nobodies

I'm healing from the trauma
It's an everyday process
Rest in peace to my pops
And my uncle


released July 26, 2018




Yellow Cake Radio San Francisco, California

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