Morris Done FreeVerse + Hollow Earth in SEATTLE

Morris came with the most bars on one YCR Freeverse to this day. Peep that out one time as well as our recap at Hollow Earth Radio.

Gigio, Taste Nate, and Morris Done traveled up to Seattle last fall for the “Eye Am Not My LAMB” Tour.  They were able to build with the Brother Thad Wenatchee at Hollow Earth Radio. What are your feels about the concept of the Hollow Earth? It is in those Oceans where you are able to be re-aquainted with the Merfolk? If you go to Antarctica and you find the hidden Nazi Silo will it take you to the space ship of the Vril society?  When you get in to the ship, you think you are gonna go into the air like young Spock but you actually go into an opening in the surface of the earth. Is this where Reptilians are hiding? Is our Earth in fact one living breathing Organism that has a nucleus? If the earth unfolds its spine tingling mystery will we be able to rid ourselves of all the fuckery? Does the Inca and the Maya culture know more than Neil Degrasse Tyson and all his Scientifical Debukery? That felt good but lets slow down and get back to solid state flat earth.  We met some cool heads like Carter & Ellis Wilson who happen to be Repping Oakland. Go Figure.  Ok//Funk and Vaughn are two beat producers/artists that are super nice with their craft plus humble and super chill. I Just discovered that Vaughn dropped a nasty beat Tape called “Trees”. And you can buy those in the Flower Boutique in Seattle for a little surcharge off the street price.

 Make sure to get some “Trees” in your life by Vaughn it’s that choppy glitchy Super Sonic sample based hip hop that you can bug out to. The live beat scene is Seattle is crazy, it has its own lane which is extraordinary. The producers get to shine which is something we appreciate coming from an era where rappers don’t bother to give production credits or even build with a DJ to Lord Finesse the elements of authenticated hip hop. Someone gotta school the youth with this culture, but its outchea on this earth plus above the clouds and underground. Speaking of Trees, the Peoples Tree’s own Morris Done came to rock with us on tour. We went to go and visit his Uncle Bruce Lee’s Grave but the Cematary was closed. We decided to let him spark up a backwood with Seattle’s Best and bust a FreeVerse.  He came with the most bars on one YCR Freeverse to this day. Peep that out one time as well as our recap at Hollow Earth Radio. Outchea
youtube video (dYWQi036FbU)