Listen to the W​.​W​.​A​.​V​.​V.

by Taste Nate

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released May 24, 2019


all rights reserved


Track Name: Moon Daze (feat. The I.M.F.)
Moon Daze Haze Chops Down to the Earth,
Sitting here Naked Like I’ve just been birthed,
All Season Tires roll on Zodiac Turf,
The Whole Kunda Lean poured
the world can get turnt,
Down Side Up Like some opti-missed Calls,
Let the Answers rings lit get semantics involved,
Now you spitting truth like the Mantras installed,
Listen to WAAVV and watch the anthems inch along
Anaphylaxis widespread its reactive
Inject my intent when the onsets rapid
Sampling Tactic maintain the same practice
You could fake the funk but the strength plays fractured
No longer an a downer my office space is off the face
Of this replacement diamond age I’m rhyming grace
Refinement Kindliness entirely in a state
Ment to be with Taste
Immensities exemplary
So mention me as great
Track Name: Resitations (feat. DJ Behold)
I’m in the mangrove shooting ammo chewing bam bow
Nothing is Tab Bow ask san ko fa—
Cutting beats like Okra—
I was poe once but never was a podunk
Space Craftin akashic records all stars like Moses
Old souls get dough but never stick their nose up
Heal a whithered limb but he never pass over__
Omnisciently listening to the WWAVV by the Oshun

White Shabot
Telepath with my antenna like a velveteen rabbot
tell me that fake cheese is velveeta it’s not
selling weed and smoking half is hustling ass backwoods
Break bread with the brown headed cow birds
Some parts of Northern Cali feel like South Louisiana
I’m not an alligator I’m Chame-leona
Style switching Lion Maine, I’m the king because I’m Sovereign

Sending waves of love to the ones that’s healing that’s all
Telepathic feeling magnetic frequency that’s strong
messages from guides grow through hurdles in the asphalt
The streets are not where we come from, Remember it’s just a path we’re on
Access Truth and purity system restart, now strength renews
Wisdom can’t be imparted it’s just a stem that seeks the fruits
Whenever we get selected to receive the message it’s a gift
The fool is just a creator of the outside, when he’s in it
With another sending messages through the way we concentrate
Dream together for the constant energy flow you are the wave
I am not here to drain you, tame you , shame you or train you
The only thing I shoot is the blessing when I aim at you
Track Name: The Bends (feat. Watzreal)
I stumbled on my words and my timing a miss
Insurance dialogue watch dog accessing all my risk
A testament of how you act in a fix
Is it really all that bad or you just infected with bitch?

Had an off day but I found a crawlspace
Brought me out the box like stuffed animal claw games
Just another hermit crab at the snail salon
No tattoo removal for a bagel batter vagabond
Holy Dough and I’m Ink in the double time
Rican Frankenstein trying to make dime pieces come alive
No shoulder chips but fecal mater boxer briefs
Clothes pin noses telling him it doesn’t stink
Empty ashes and pour out a lickle Michelob
History 3peats when you dragon ball the Piccolo
Bring me back like a pack of angry wolves
Without substance in their stomach
Wild turkey in her looks
See me phat like Baby out the womb
With a mouthful of Mamis
They be curvy and they Good
Track Name: Iron Mask Ball (feat. Señor Gigio)
Tell me how it feel
If I live gotta Par sell bill
When I spaz just a heartfelt yell
Condito like a cartel felt
Pencil lead but my head on the quill
Condor fed on the quail
Check mic no check mate stale
Is the climate chill
Is it just the climb i scale
You on the Ice made trail
Is it the Grinds right or is it just the crime rate spell
Action is will
Smith and Wess
Craving the kill
At the iron mask ball I'm just saving the Skrill
Cause lead could mean lead if you pronounce with the spill
The wine when you dine with kind that real
Come on eat this binary meal
They said everything you rhyme is a cautionary tale

Masquerade Ball
Everybody got tire Iron Skull
Palladium crowds of Submarine Jaws
Adamantium Bones like wolverines claws
I stay lighted hearted LIKE A feather with farce
Jim, Carrey, Kevlar, camouflage
Drinking Louis thirteen and speaking François
Got me feeling imprisoned like names Eustace
These Iron Bars Through a true Lion JAH
Make your party fall down like a pine tree caught
In the winds when then whimper through a fired hillside
Go through this again like a wired tour guide,
Im true but they into this liar fool pride,
Venus in the mind prosperous disguise
They are trying to match wits with the Phosphorus White.
When he pulls you in the dark but his costume is light
Track Name: End World Viewers (feat. Oscar Goldman)
Death Rings like a bagpipe service
I try to hold a smile like a ragtime circus
The energy gets “giggity” like a Quagmire Circuit
I can only Sow So Much Love to Patch My Courage

Just let me be the Sea Cliff That Gets Crashed by Currents
Or Let me be The C Clip That gets Crashed by Kurrent
There isn’t a coal that’s hot enough to crack my furnace
There isn’t a soul that’s strong enough to match my purpose

Watch what you dive into before you splash my verses
You can drink ever type of bourbon trying to binge my purges
If you heard when I regurgitate I spit it e pluribus
Sort of like local businesses, I thank you for the purchase

To the rest of you clergy men, I tell you one things for certain
You’ll be sleeping with the fishes, trying to swim next to a mermen
Kids make themselves a hairstyle that they just grow up out of
I can dig myself a grave that I would still sprout up out of
Track Name: Moon Raker (feat. DJ Behold)
Some have a nice aura
And some just have a tight orifice
Some have a good message
but their moves are not coordinates
I stay with a peace not a pistol a tranquility
A stillness in the trench
I paid dues for 9 centuries
I’m a scary feature genetics can’t be manipulated
I scrape ups lost feelings like the moon raker

She a head doctor guess she Dr. Good Head
Spin into the collider and get your time mind bent
Decrease the population deforestation, nerve gasses
From the rare form orchid when you curve Jaws Crashes
Move back into the Tao stream with a cloaking device
Take back the meaning with you when you lose insight

The Diminutive amount of Wave drenches the whole spot
A four direction throw like Aikido souls drop
On a gondola Orbiting earth with Moore Intensity
Making A Bond that has been lost in proximity

Connecting each dot, “I Think He’s Attempting Re entry”
In a think tank project New American Century
Calling for regime change without rebuilding de-Fensing
Turn the power structure into a global hegemony
Commemorate the lost ones using a sphere of influence
An internal relation like a tear of intuition

The mental coordination like your mind matches your heart shoot
Take apart the labyrinth within, every patch you laugh through
De facto state trade zones for inequality
Hostile take overs and fake rivals dichotomy

You can’t grow a wild flower with a blame seed
and when you pluck the feather of the early bird
The late bloomers make the night sing
The Moon glows descend so the death cycle deactivates
Decorate each fringe like a hot desert macrame
I build it and you ain’t seen me catch the wave