Chicana Moonlight

by Taste Nate

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released February 1, 2019

Executive Produced by Taste Nate
All tracks Produced by Taste Nate & Hashbrown (drums)
Herbie One (Sueños) on the Trumpet
Rocky G on the Saxophone
Jules Figueroa on the Guitar
Scratches by LMT Break & DJ Behold

Recorded at Knock Knock Studios by Ari Sandoval
Mixed and mastered at Yellow Cake Radio studios by Nathan Lassiter


all rights reserved


Track Name: LA Luna
We are children of the sun the moon teaches us to feel sacred
We are children of the sun the moon loves our spirits ancient
We are children of the sun the moon speaks our manifestations
We are children of the sun the moon completes the menstruation
We are children on the sun the moon carries our vibration
We are children of the sun the moon writes our divination
We are children of the sun the moon channels the wave lengths
We are children of the sun the moon balances our exchanges
We are children on the sun the moon enhances our creations
We are children of the sun the moon releases our pains then
The children of the sun can go out and play again
Track Name: Spider Woman
Charge up your crystal eyelids,
open up your mystical sky lips,
whisper words that listeners find bliss,
scratch then purr with your wisdom lion,
Pearls in the sky while you flex your diamonds
Hypnotic weapons divine light shining,
Gargantuan head
small ego lay in tarantula nest,
8 armed goddess
plays footsie on the top my head, (Durga)
Transcendent, open hopi
spider woman
Each strand a life
that's interwoven

Makaveli rose grew from concrete
it's mostly weed tho
There's no such thing as a moldy cheetoh
There's a lot more to to it
than a puma footed
This runs deep
My love is rooted
It was stuck up
But his channels flooded
No feedback but his handles buzzing
Can't contain all the shine that's coming from him
Can't wait to press on the reset button
I know you like fries with the Cajun season
I know you like your hair with the wavee treatment
Wash you in the shower telling dirty secrets
True romance everything I eat it

Samuel L Jackson no hateful 8
The day old bagel I'm Tastee Nate
Unscented lotion on your pasty legs
Glowing in the dark like alien gray
Love got me floating like MACY parade
Deep in the forest is where we engaged
If she said no I might buy me a blade
crazy perro rican like Rosie Perez

I hope all these compliments don't go to your head
I'll do cute shit like tuck you in bed
Then do rude shit like text you in class
Can't get enough cause I love you to death
I want you back like young Michael Jack
I know you miss me come give me a chance
Track Name: Do You
I said that's hogwash I stayed dripping Aguas
From my office looking at your nalgas
who do I look like Tom broke off the way you asked for money
Live anchor don't bank her
Still go through my wallet
Holy caca I'm still filthy Beverly Hillbillies Jed Clampett
We got a lot of problems
we tried to Netflix and chill and she want drama but I just want action
I get down on my knees and ask God for answers he said time waits for no man but no woman waste her time for no man to get his s*** together and progress
I'm always in beach clothes cuz this freak cold got me in hot water
Chicos with cheat codes play the air guitar but never prosper
That's why he could never be the love doctor
Cause when you do you you got me doing me the way he wants her

I know we far apart
But eye can pull my love around

Waited a long time to bust quick
But eye can go another round

See us in the future or you one of those
Like to live in now

I can give a lot more of old soul
But only ray Charles does mess around

Do you like the way I'm posted
Not tripping off shit
Let you take time
Making all your choices (yup)
Do you like my funny voices
When I eat on the phone
Or is it a nuisance annoyance
Do you like the way I focus
On all my priorities but never forgot your importance
Do you like the way I kiss on Your yoni
Is it too much tongue
Or is a frisky performance

I want an intimate
Wild mystery horses
Ride out to the victory noises
Our child fit to be born with
Style wisdom and orchards
Never dread the informants
Philosophical discussions
Turn giggle fits
Random outburst
From the canon
When turn your head back and you whimper this
"I love you Daddy"
Oh you like the way I do it,
Now shall I continue to "do you" how I do it

Every kiss could be the last one
You want words I want action

Your think nots they still happen
Thats the law of attraction

Crystal Blue persuasion but she Speaking Spanish

If the flame is still matching
There will be no replacing our magic
Track Name: Peachy
But at the same time
everything is peachy (it's peachy)
I got wisdom to the ceiling
I feel like Fibonacci,
Every dead flower is potpourri
and its smelling peachy (peachy)
I got this semi automatic love
I Buck it unconditionally

I got my heart broken a million times
my wife is peachy
She writes about the time
when I brought her to see DC
Comic book adaptations
Aqua man I am here favorite
Swimming to the depths of scary places
Where you come back feeling empty
And your partner looks estrangement

I got my ego trapped by thoughts of living peachy
In a hearth to Raise our children
home schooled by Khalessi
She can talk to fire
But she ran out of desire

I said you were the one and only
I never been a lier
I feel like Puerto Rican Luigi
Mario got his queen and
I'm looking for my peachy
Romantic huvverboy
I'ma a dying species

at the same time
everything is peachy
can dig a lot of dirt on me
but i won't speech no feces
I got blessings to the window
I feel like young Houdini
Wiggle out of bondage
with a sword I made from greenery

shorty in the spot light look like Christina Ricci

In the tuck rolling up not hyphy just peachy
in the tree prolly find me a peachy
someone that wants me doesn’t need me
so thankful for your time how she treat me
let the path find her goals like mitsubishi
eating fusilli
on a first class
ticket on the darjeeling
Feel like Sicilian Spice Weezy
Brown Bossalini
out here clowning on your peachy
She went from Ron Isley to Ron Weasley
Thats all good love as long as you happy
I know she packing cause that ass is so peachy

I don't sell no body dreams
If I told you it was something to be
That was how it was supposed to really be, That is why I'm a man of my word
I gotta understand that some one else might feel the plan is differed
tell you what ever your wanna hear
Until she reach the end of the earth
just to feel they a part of something they so desperately seek
But if I was looking for a fantasy I'd be James in the giant peach
You still good with me
Let the next university try to teach about love making
I'm here to preach this spiral mathematics
On the podium with the love like it's democratic
Every thing starts from the center of your heart
Only shadows reach out to the light
we radiate love naturally
We begin at the end of your final step
Cause we dance empathically
Track Name: Bonerable (feat. Hashbrown)
Pussy power makes the dog Bonerable
She makes her self so readily available
Until the time he starts to get too comfortable
When she walks it makes his balls roll in stomach

Pussy power makes his heart Bonerable
wants to prove that he's more dependable
Until the time he starts to get too emotional
When she walks it makes his ball roll in his stomach

I'm beat down broken man don't I look so sezy
All these silly skeezas stop and look to check me
Might take you for a latte in Latvia
But I can't fuck maybe let you chop me up

Cause that pussy makes me feel too connected
You never met a man this empathic
Fall in love for a minute then she stepping
Then I'm left in my feelings looking skeptic

I'm a big time sicko rap a hollic
So don't love me or you'll end up in my docket
I'ma blogger always
looking for different content
I'ma punk rock star all my groupies are open wallets

Cause coochee gotta me thinking like own it
She says she's mine every time I bone it
Until I love yous start sounding rhetorical
And I'm erasing all the photos feeling Bonerable

Yoni power makes the god Bonerable
She makes her self regina and available
Until the time he starts to get too comfortable
When she walks it makes his balls roll in stomach

Yoni power makes his heart Bonerable
wants to prove that he's irreplaceable
Until the time he starts to get too emotional
When she walks it makes his ball roll in his stomach
Track Name: Phases
Why she into that dude if hella woman want him
Why he into that girl if hella misters want her

Since I'm all in for you I spit a different jargon
And since you all in for me you got a different problem

How you all in your feelings
But never dipped in water

How you all in your head
But never climbed a mountain

How can we aspire to be more than a bodily function
How much time do I need to become admired for patience

Ironic if I'm standing up straight and following hunches
Ironic if you want something deep but judge from the surface

Why I gotta be slipping to know that somebody got me
Why I gotta be tripping to locate the honesty

Why you wanna go way back when, when you never got your way back then
Why were you looking for a way out then and now you looking for a way back in

How come we gotta be silent and make our actions louder
Why can't I move silent and make my words more valuable

What's the point of saying you sorry but feel no remorse
What's the point of fixing something when you know that it works

Does it mean she didn't love you just cause she couldn't show up
Does it mean that he's hating if he didn't show love

Do I gotta agree with you to validate your opinion
Do I gotta share with you to show that I'm listening
Track Name: Cariña (feat. Kaila Love)
In her corridors
Smoking pre rolls
Playing corridos
Looking at history
In a story form
Feeling numb
Sleep number or memory foam?

Beyond the painted veil
Self appraisal
Blind feeling reading braille
Seeking the masked man or she thinks
He's frail

Become obsessed canceled requests
one man banquet enchanted guests

Take a promise from a card player
spent her life in solitary confinement
one deck that had her mind on it
Symbolizes my environment

Change your Suiters
Display your fruits
See who behooves it
Offers you an escape route
To your own inclusion
I know that's confusing

Froze in time with olaf
a crowded house
paper, pen and your phone off

Don't dream it's over
But when you do
I'll assure you
Its just the moon
Bare and zoning
Mary juanin

Sustain the plant life
Even James Gordon
Not as poised as I've eye
In the boiler room
Paying my dues
Making my moves
You are my news

Spiritual partner Ship
Backing earth visitor
Like a slipped disk
King been crucified
Like an Aztec Hieroglyph

Back on my gypsy ways
Iguana smooth re-tailer
With chalk and clay paint
Blood rush to my head
When a yogini cold play

How much space does one need before
think about it becomes a brain storm
My imagination is either a wild fire
or a rain forest

You know how this shit be like this some times when you up on your high horse
You be thinking you Vi King like a Norse

Cariña you got your space boots
knocked off lost
its only pleasure able to me
when I see that she got off

Cariña I gotta Tell her that she is wildcard
And he already got his hands full
But I'm the only one with standards
that my idealism can't handle

Listen daddy
She gave you a chance
to tell her words
reassured your love is priceless

She even put up with
Your cold attitude
And your vices

Sacred female
Doesn't compromise
she knows
The value of her time and her privates

Replaced you so quick
he showed her depth
he reminded
Her of what it feels like
To be desire without being indecisive

You may thinking she a hoe
She maintaining very low millage
The mafia in a Mexico
Is the only thing worth fighting
Track Name: Socio Networks
7 psychopaths on my socio networks
Pushing ten commands
Like Charlton Heston
Input the future
With my nickel like teslas

7 psychopaths on my socio network
Push a feudal system
Like Victorian Houses
Input the present
With Valerian magnets
A two party system
With separate accountants

Imagine how I could connect universally
With no name buzzing locally
I got a new device and Thoth code master key
No forced interactions
James Franco lonely
My gift attracts a visitor
alternative destiny
A true way of living
A natural remedy
I can't cure my sickness
With a shorty that's bad bizz
If they can't catch the feelings
Is it socio pathic?

She keep me in the loop
A chicana soul sampler
All bad how i love
Gas light
the gaslamper
Pepper sneezing really queasy to your temper
The net inspector deck had to
Be the present in his center source

We are a soul connection
Like Ashford and Simpson
But there's no net protection
Like password assistance
If i cry a river you wouldn't bat an eye
If I used no filter
let me fuck you till you dry

The meme tagger beta hacker
somehow lost his nerve
To a subliminal post magnet
Throwing shorties for a curve
Tell Willy Wonka rappers
How its supposed to be
When's your quest for knowledge thru?
There's no more questioning.

Arthurs fist had the ball
passed off crying Michael
They reading fake news and leaving the bible
He typed yes cause he agreed
Jim Carry Beefed with Keanu Reeves
Bout who's the ‘wokest’ actor

One swipe away from being legendary
One automatic post away from being imaginary
Every mental current seems invisible in person
But once they have surveillance
Then there's power in every purchase

Hash Brown told me to put my phone down Let's get some fish n chips
But I’m three goddess crushes
Away from being indigenous
No matter how much love I get
I end up lonely
I ordered linguini
And said mi sobrino
You the homie

Glare the iPhone up
Feel the light in your
Now you seeing minimized
Little place calcified
Track Name: Please Go
My words more flyer than Neil Degrasse tyson
Excuse me while I roast all the people you take Lycan

I used to fap lightly to Sofia Vergara and Tia Carrera
Until it became a sex compulsion
With no explosions

For a while I was vexed nightly by spiritual demons
Until I pleasured slightly or was shielded by Jesus

God given talent can be wasted by
drug binges and browsing
Lord picture me scrounging
flakes of weed, pipe scraping their mouthes

I still loved Mary when she vaping all my energy
Take a off this bleeze
To increase My lung-gevity

I'm high off life Like Redman at the canibus cup eating cereal
Don’t let him in raw he might track up your

Can't sleep with out scope or isochronic tones
Don't peak until you dope as hypodermic zones

Eye stay woke as dick Gregory off amphetamine
My enemies call me slavery they only think they ending me

There comes a time when you realize
you never really mattered
Thats cause you were all soul so you never really mattered
Soul like when you outgrow the shoe to fill
So you have to rock the open toes
Emotional on overflow so you had to let your pleas go
Whats the verdict if you gotta stay
In trial in error like a missing sentence
When you let someone have their space they wasn’t independent
So they got they wolves on her
Princess Diana in the Benz and
They turn out to be clones
That every vulnerable girl got with and then regretted
Just cause something was missing
Or is the something they kept locked up in the addict
Airplane mode at the carousel waiting for the baggage
So how would i get through to you if threw away the address
Waiting on your snail mail like some Marvellete
Now we only left in spirit when I come out of my sense
With an aboriginal girl following rabbit proof fence
Please go but before you do turn around and give me one last kiss
You know I’m the shit
Let me go baby
Track Name: Earth Signs
When he said, "be careful I might break your heart."
What he meant was "I'm being careful with my broken heart."

Earth Sings
On the the tallest of the mountain
I'm the rock you climb
in the fiery skies
Earth Sings
The tree rooted to the water
Field with feelings
you can't deny
Earth Signs
The formulated clay
To build foundation
or the art design
Gardens in the hills
strong as steel
the worldly vibes
Earth Signs
Earth Signs

Element rooting in crafting the Sands to formulate the numbers and the science of time
Earth sign intelligent design
sentimental grounding on landscapes you find
Oxidate my insides crystallize my mind
Smother up my placement
Smoothen out my grind
Let me hold you when you hung up
Or restrain you from the vines
Char up my pigments
Charge up my visions
Pulse up your stations
Drive me from my wasteland
Break apart my greatness
Display me for your tradesmen
Rearrange my statements
Question all my faces
Then burrow when I cave in
If this love wasn't deep enough
Maybe you didn't reach enough
I could still be your strength
Or was I just not weak enough
I'm embedded in your nesting
So I teach you the consistency
Which means I'll always be here for you
And feel for you continuously
You taught me how to loosen up
Cause I'm grounded and not quick to budge
Come around him with your stick of smudge
Place me under the moonlight
And glisten me with your wisdom love7
Kissed Medusa so he turned stone
But he was solid without flesh or bone

Drop me into your freakish waves
I'll sink into your depths
Shooting across with space cadets
Now fall into my nest.
Chip me off for information data server
Reconnect with me
now charge into my surface
Thought this was all I had to give
but for many years I have been conserving
Think about what you wish for
I materialize it, it's what this Earth is

Whole and forever
Hollow round and flat
Hold you together
Follow through and I'll be that
Home for the visitors
Shelter from the stormy winds
Zone for deliverance
Helper with the indecision

Two Earths butt heads
Make collision
Earth and sky are ally
Break the digits
4 3 2 1
Now count my rivets
The mannequin challenge
He's all ways winning
Deviate from my stillness
back into my prison
I'll let you go freely
That's my decision
And if she returns
Thats her provision
I'm a patient listener
Until the plate shifts
Then the earth is Ridged
I'm a raging whimperer
Cause when Earth cries
the lava flows
That's why out of the pain
He grows, Earth knows

Earth Sings
On the the tallest of the mountain
I'm the rock you climb
in the fiery skies
Earth Sings
The tree rooted to the water
Field with feelings
you can't deny
Earth Signs
The formulated clay
To build foundation
or the art design
Gardens in the hills
strong as steel
the worldly vibes
Earth Signs