"It's All Love"

I See Pink People Tour

Embark on a musical journey with us as we tour through Austin, Dallas, and Houston, Texas from June 4th to June 9th. Join us in celebrating and experiencing the unique talents of our lineup – the Dallas Lofi God Altoon C, the Seattle Lofi virtuoso thad wenatchee, the Lyrical and Dreamy Flows of San Francisco’s Taste Nate, and the King of Garland Rap, Herc GTH. The ‘I See Pink People’ Tour is a testament to love and diversity, embracing all shades and walks of life. Let us spread good vibes and broaden your perspective as we share our artistry with you.

Upcoming Events

Thad & Friends

Black Cat Records

Thursday June 6th


Yellow Cake Instore

Sound Revolution 249

Friday, June 7th


LOFI Houston 2.0

Hitman Studios

Friday, June 7th


Houston Pop Up 2.0

Excalibur Brewing

Saturday, June 8th


Watch our exclusive tour promo video and get a taste of the creativity and positivity that we carry within us everywhere we go. Come vibe with us on the ‘I See Pink People’ Tour and experience the amazing energy, creativity, and artistry that we bring to every show. Join the party at our upcoming events in Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.
It’s all love!

About the artists

Meet our talented artists who bring the ‘I See Pink People’ tour to life. Each artist has a unique story and a deep connection to the theme ‘It’s All Love’.

Taste Nate:  A San Francisco rapper with an ear-grabbing, poetic style that draws on a wide range of musical influences and inspirations. A spiritually attuned man with a raw, urban sensibility, Taste Nate puts the highest value on truth telling. In his Art and in his Life, it’s clear he listens to the call of his spirit—something we must all do if we are to progress in this era of challenges.

Altoon C: Born and raised in Dallas, Altoon C is known for working in the realm of different genres while playing underground venues and art galleries housing a modern feel. His music exhibits messages of hope and endurance while using lo-fi as a platform for creative expression.  The motto is, “Get the record right. You’ll know if it’s the right record. This is all for the love of living. Take charge in your creative sphere.”

HERC GTH: As a rising star, entrepreneur, and community figure, Herc GTH is forever repping his hometown of Garland, Texas. A true jack of all trades, Herc attributes his many successes to his passion for personal growth, his will to persevere, and his commitment to G.T.H. (God. Truth. Health) not only as an organization, but as a holistic lifestyle.
“Grind, Trap, Hustle til we Get To Heaven.”

thad wenatchee:  “i like to make beats. i like to look at graffiti. i like folk music. i like to listen to jazz a ton. i like to write rhymes & i like to spit rhymes ii enjoy doing most of these things in my bedroom. thad is rad because of his comrades.”


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