Front cover final 1
Front cover final 1
  1. Twinning Flames

From the album L.A.M.B.


Twerk your eyelashes so i can see your soul is wholesome
Rotate your outer body real slow like your grown n lonesome Picture us together without seperated bits of tissue
Twinning flames make federated light twice continue (X2)...twinning flames

Alpha males slouch when they step across A kappa nigga
Cause he pathed out and might just havta kappa nigga
Like the tops of psilocybin The type to write disciple visions
The side that swipes for miles driven
Trails have blazed to paths we twinning
We meant to meet
Rip jack but snakes that never blink
Can press the heat And execute
Phillip seymore gandolphini
reiki charged candles trampoline these
Leaders with no bounce
make CHANGE with stATE FORM
Switching planes on prayer boards
Im the i ching chow mein
Pulling strands from round break
Turning sands to water weight
Burning grass in moderate
Looking glass for all of it
You took me back to follow it
So we can patch our call a quits
And be the fire to all of this

what you say bruh- (say me out my mind+