Front cover final 1
Front cover final 1
  1. Coney Catchers (feat. Skky Phillips)

From the album L.A.M.B.


I don't share s*** like Jimmy MacElroy
Flying through space in a plastic asteroid
I'm not trying to trade my place like. Dan Aykroyd
So if there something that you want to come ask your boy
Been holding back my tears my bad that's cebolla
Is her planet Janet my bad that's Latoya
Cuz even little things looking bad for the Goya
I play the soundtrack as it blasts through the coil

Sitting on the block doing almsgiving
Cultivate the sharpest weapon is the songs riffing
The basis for liberation on the outstanding path
Building confidence shaping the expansion graph

Must be antimatter cause if you over charge the pulse
And you go inside the note
Then the most complex of particles don't even matter
Once upon a time turns twice upon on a shrine
While you looking upon a star for the ever afters

Beware of Coney catchers
They does alarm the hoax
They divide with bigger boast
Until the most simple common bonds begin to shatter
To be continued remains to be a mystery
From hoodlums that insist on trickery

The table has turned and there is no other way
For them to tame the rabbbit
The job of Conny catchers
Grab hold of your answers and feed them
Back to you
Make you say what they have planned
To use deceiving you