Front cover final 1
Front cover final 1

From the album L.A.M.B.


Divine Blessings
The most magnificent
Elohim Structured
The Most high inquisitive
Abundance Mechanisms
Manifested minerals
Alchemist ancestry
Played piano notes at minstrels
Receiving and giving is a sequence in a whole
From absolute nothingness towards unity in a duel
Work to reach pleasure so desire is a leisure
So the enemy is the self and the oppressor is a teacher
Open up to be the receiver of benevolent saw dust
The flow of god's love from heaven unto us
Allah Justice gives mercy for the beams
Two Pillars to each kingdom of the trees
Interdependent of each to reach the source
If there was ever a place to awaken its in her voice
They like Competitions its the engine for enslavement
So we don't make blood packs or enter Nephilim relations