Front cover final 1
Front cover final 1
  1. Long Ivory Resort

From the album L.A.M.B.


I feel closer to my lady bug
the cicada is your Labia

Cotton mouth nearly died last summer
If we both make a dry spell
We can supply the new numbers
The 13th month power ball with the front runner
Phillip glass sand caste Einstein on the beach
Nancy pelosi speaking Feinstein off your feet
Tooner and the hootchy
Roy Orbison Jr. California blue
Mystery school girl
Teach me how to defeat
Body language sudden death
Staring contest
Picture don Cartagena
Meets ferris Buellers dads car
Farrari GT

Magnavox tv vcr
I feel off from magnanimity
My turn around jumper
Returned 360 dunker
Every time I put the cookie down
I get my kindergarten hunger
The power wheel I never had
Got my shook up
By around the way bleach blonds
Think I'm caught up in the Martian but the Martin catch was Keshawn
I could build an empire with out Terrance Howard dirty paws in
I beetle up myself enough times to get me blinded,
By the light of Manfred Mann

One for old time sake
Figured it can't be bad
They tell me
Live a little
But do they ever love a lot?
Beast wars stag beetle
Transform to a megaton
Happy meal
A piece of scrap metal
Makes a symphony
If you can feel
Anna Ferris wheel
Turns wolves out caught heart worm
Illegitimate chillin
Bank rob
Frank stock burn
My indigenous village down
Built a long ivory resort
Just so you can watch the lion prowl