Front cover final 1
Front cover final 1
  1. Reborn (feat. Skky Phillips)

From the album L.A.M.B.


here we go
By the sea
There is no
Time to speak
Carry on
Very slow

While they be going ham skank
Taste Nate be going lamb shank
Lovers are metaphysical beings
But they don’t have their plants raised
Seeds have been germinated
Once victims exfoliated
The use of skin tone
As a reason to be terminated
This is the new earth
Healers Have anticipated
Interwove dimensions
No Lessons get separated
Ride the wave won’t skip the beat
Your heart has never hesitated
Empty stomachs fill their voids
Hunger spoils defecated
Overjoyed cause we underrated
Mysterious Voyage but none sedated
The sun is set but it is always raisin
Proletariat scrolls
Mischievous elite
diesel hollering
Believe the complete truth
the earth is whole and hollow then

There we go
By the sea
There is no
Time to speak
Carry on
Very slow

Napoleon's tomb
I saw battlefield strewn
Lifeless mangled forms
Bewildered women pruned
Its not from long baths
You can blame these blonde bats
But it all gets overlooked
As another picture flashed
Indomitable energy
A weary man reborn
Shorn of His glory
Corsica Island arrogant
Is it shrewd futility or is he mad ambitious.
Self pity be trailed
As I'm looking at the monument
Smoldering thoughts
Molten lava
Where does freedom lie
The secret place of the most high
Is it the kingdom of God
Garden without demise
By declarations of war
Echo down historic avenues
reverberating somehow stops
The filtering is faltering
Uphold it like Pythagoras
Communicate through music
Wild passion savage animals
The eloquence of celestial origins
Through self expression

This the bliss this the message that you get
when you're headed to the sky can you listen to the wind
Established overjoyed superfluous
Information fishermen With Inter nets to catch the drift
This the bliss when you're sitting on the fence and you finally read the side it comes to be intense
This is it there's no going back again your philosophy is written on the imprint of your skin

There we go
By the sea
There is no
Time to speak
Carry on
Very slow