Summer Illin with Beauty and Brains 

Coming off summer tour Watzreal Drops a dope a video off his Debut album with some of the Coolest mofos in the Bay Area Hip Hop Scene both featured and scattered throughout the storyline as cameos.  Nuff respect to Bazooka Joe and Lil MC for giving the story their interesting perspective. This was a well thought out and operated direction by Eric Grivas of e.g.story.arts.   Watzreal has a new album THE: The Human Experience dropping Nov 2016.


Where does she fall on the Crazy:Hot Matrix ?  If they are anything like myself then we already too crazy for this chart.  We like to see beyond perception. Intelligence is sexy and is just as attractive as looks. This is why some may identify themselves as Sapiosexual.  But that doesn't mean we ain't looking for the Beauty as well as the brains. YEE!

This month Watzreal is teaming up with Builders to present IE to the Bay which is a dope showcase at the Showdown featuring artists from the Bay and Inland Empire. 

The victory of the Holy Crusaders In BAY-bylon 

They endured many hardships, both personal & collectively. Slores would take their hearts & poop on them after they had been raw dogged porn style by men who produce boogers for semen. Ninjas turned they backs on them & broke the Samurai code & started rollin' w/ the ways of the Sith. The White Man tried to pin them down & sue them into oblivion. The hermaphrodite demonic deity Baphomet sent hellish fuckboys with their low level vampirism to blow their cholo vibes. In the face of it all, the GBC kept together, remained true & faithful to their album by the light of the Lord & His funky hip hop angels that love that real shit.

We did it, y'all. The album is out. We rocked the Honey Hive & had a successful show & fed all of our children in attendance pizza for their souls

Here's a glimpse of the night June 18th that the gods Goomy Bear Clique reigned in supreme victory over bay area hip hop.

Yeah mayng! You see what it is! Shout outs all the ones that support! We don't stop & we won't stop! Str8 underground shit! Fuck all that sellout noize ya heard??? Pay you?? Nah pay us! & just cuz you pay us doesn't mean we doin' that batty boy fratty boy shit for ya! Ya heard????

Coming out of the Bay Area, the Goomy Bears Clique are a trio of quintessential poets representing the unfiltered emotional intellect of today’s shifting realities while gauging their own psychedelic manifestations. Comprising of veteran independent hustlers (Taste Nate, GiGiO & Notorious Boris), GBC is motivated by an unwavering spiritual calling but still maintaining their urban heritage. In other words, GBC be enlightened but they still keep it hood, y’all. They eloquently combine the elements of various genres from alternative hip hop to trap, hyphy to krunk, heavy metal to 80’s pop, reggae to gospel, with an outrageous humor creating something that is uniquely their own style. Their first album, “Holy Crusaders In BAYbylon”, produced by Houston musician Lord Lorenz, is out now. Stay goomed y'all.

Cop the album:

Very politely, please shut the fuck up.

Sargon "Poppa Props" album Trigger Words 

Many of us hip hop pioneers dream to have a relatively simple life, away from all the burdens of the supposed "reality" matrix.  One clear cut New York 90's boom bap underground example is Sargon.  I met him online in a forum for "Take the Red Pill" show hosted by this Cat Slim Swayze out in Canada.  In 2011 I worked on a few tapes with the homie Dj MiNDCONTOL in Minneapolis, who had was a co conspirator on the show. They would delve into issues about MK Ultra, Blood sacrifice, Mystery schools, and other government operations and geo-political topics. Sargon was diggin the song "Drown" with Kaef Black, when we premiered it on that show.  I reached out to him and had him on a few of my projects, and we played some of his joints during our show at SF State. I thought it was dope catching someone that casually talked about all these conspiracies that I was researching in my depressed nights as a young broke rapper.   I think what makes Sargon's style important is the voice of freedom and utter disapproval of hip hop infrastructure. To put that into perspective, it is about using your voice for creative expression and not waiting around to be drafted like a D-League athlete.  The other aspect is having a catalog to be remembered as your legacy.  Staying vigilant and active on esoteric and occult studies gives myself as a listener much anticipation.  As a student of rhyme poetry  we are able to take what  we want out of the writing. Other might not catch the punches cause they stay sleeping. This album "Poppa Props"  showcases the other side as well because some of the instrumentals glide you into the concept without needing so much introduction. We are all too familiar with the boom and bap and honestly some of our favorite rappers have been losing their grip with what that even means. I want to get into some the Trigger words that I find fascinating because it's like, "I know what you saying" and others would be afraid of having an opinion because they are scared of being pigeonholed by their peers or public.  

                                                "The More I become learn-ed, the More I become a hermit"

#1 Who is your Favorite Crisis actor/actress?
Is it possible to get roles in three different attacks and be crying Jordan tears.  How does one get into the field of crisis acting during staged false flag, hoaxes, or psychological operations? If you "just a Villain chillin in your Villa" like Sargon you would be able to distinguish the agendas behind these events and still be able to go to work and whip up some "Good Jail" for lunch.

2#  What do we do about Energy Vampires?
Debbie downers and molly powder do not mix well. Keep your hand sanitizer at rap shows cause some of those improper props are from vamps in sheep clothing.  Maybe that 12th beer was not the best choice cause now you're elbows deep in some hybrid alien tang and you know that there are side effects. Other than that, some vampires are not  really aware of their toxic behavior. It is more about being made to feel guilty, Jealous, Insecure, or falling into the habit of hatred and gossip.  I think when you take those factors out you are left with more love and life force energy to give freely to whom you feel is in need.  Keep you bunny antennas on alert and let the hip hop guide your spirit vessels. 

3# GMO doesn't make you make you a Mutant Super Hero
What does it mean when your favorite ass rapper all gassed up because he drinking dairy cow with pus in it.  The bananas you buy from Walmart got some infant blood in it. I don't know bout all that, I know that too much of anything is not good for the goy. Look into the agenda and you will see that you have to replace your self and your partner for humanity to survive.  So make sure you have a child before you get your sex change and remember that it ain't really sweet if the ants don't eat it. If you feel numb from the meal then you might need to reread the nutritional information. The rap world is the same, you might look good in your packaging but the value is not really something of substance. How you supposed to save the game if you haven't saved your self from the clutches of Satan. It is an ongoing process but check the labels and look for the natural ingredients.  When in doubt buy local productions and you will be a greater deal useful for the betterment of humanity than your favorite celebrity cosigning the United Nations.  

Peace to Sargon and Post Mortem aka Shermman Skilliams, who featured on two of my projects. "The Path Without" "Holy Crusaders in Bay-bylon"


FreeVerse double feature: Frank Vencci & The IMF 

Like we always do about this time!

We on dat Yellow Cake Radio shit my aggin, keepin' it real yellow cakey while deez thizzlers on the roof be frosty flakey. That's surreal spill. It might take us a lil' longer to update the blog but that's cuz we're actually siphoning through the noise for that DOPE FRESH shit. Yahmtalkinbout? We ain't just floodin' our website w/ bombarasclat content. There's a whole circuitry of real spitters making real heartfelt music building with people that never get covered by these certain outlets that have campaigned themselves off pay-to-play pop-up ad phony promo hustle to be "official". Fuck all dat noise, son. We out here.

In this day & age, many newjack hustlers posing as artists & entertainers hop on stage with autotune bells & whistles, vocal tracks playing, 20 hypemen dressed in Kanye West slave fashion gear, barely 18 year old slores poppin' their yeast infected coochies on stage or they're droppin' loot to rent out mansions & cars & guns & young thirsty half-naked college slores to be in their video & have that shit all edited together looking like some type of fake ass Scarface movie or somethin'. Silly rabbit. You ain't gotta pay these slores. They'll do that shit for a klondike bar if you really with the P.

See, we here at Yellow Cake Radio have developed a format in giving you the real shit. With the Yellow Cake FreeVerse, what we do is we actually capture artists performing in their true essence & grittiness, stripped away from any bullshit to trick you into thinking they're good. We let these cats make magic out the moment & then we give it to you. That's Yellow Cake, ladies & gentlemen.

First up, peep the young god out of Oakland, Frank Vencci...

 "I'm tough as a dyke chick/ with a nightstick/
that has Ronda Rousey as a sidekick/ doin' side kicks/ on the night shift/"

Next up, we got a very bad man, 1/2 of the Hav-Knots, The IMF (International Messy Flesh)...
"They know I.M.F./ They know I am fresh/
They been waitin' on the king, They know I am next/
You couldn't put the fire out with pyrotechs/
New face of the dark side, I'm Kylo Ren/"

& there you have it, folks!
We out here!
Fuck what ya heard witha big spermy cheetah dick in ya eardrums, ho!
We real hip hop! Yee!

The Summer of the Goomy 

When you see this face, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Probably nothing because your brains have been sucked out of your skull through your ears by the demon dicksucking lips of Kardashian vampire slorebags from hellyweird. Earlier this week as I'm sitting down grubbing Ethiopian chomp with my holistic sexy woman, a whole table of guis across the other side of the room is chattering so loudly out of their stinky, filthy, cherry-popped arseholes about Bernie Sanders & Donald Trump as if science has anything to do with the matter. I wanted them to shut the fuck up because their privileged Coldplay Beyonce fan-fuck-boy-fuck-girl voices were disturbing my healthy hard-on that I had for my meal & my woman. Involuntarily, I had learned by listening to their Ellen Degeneres Justin Bieber bullshit that they thought they were journalists. You a journalist? How? You ain't got the answers, Sway! Bitch this is Yellow Cake Radio. All you VICE grippin' Charlamagne ass Michael Moore ass NPR religion freaks get the bozack! I bet you bitches got Jon Stewart tattooed on your pasty, celluloid asscheeks like he's some kind of American hero. Bitch did he tell you that Prince got killed by Homer Simpson? Nah ho! That's some shit I learned on YouTube.

It's been a long time. I shouldn't have left you without a big beard to step to. But this dirty Sanchez mustache will serve you well in the meanwhile & in the meanwhile, we mean / wild!
In the spirit of the season, Yellow Cake Radio proudly declares this 2016 summer: the Summer of the Goomy!

First thing's first, this June 18th, come party with the Goomy Bears Clique (Taste Nate, GiGiO & Notorious Boris) at the muthfuckin' Honey Hive Gallery in Frisco or as we like to call it, the bumgarden! We are celebrating our debut release album, "Holy Crusaders In BAYbylon", produced by the musical slapmaster from Houston Lord Lorenz. There's plenty to say about this extraordinarily groundbreaking shamanistic gangsta rap album but we'll save that for the weeks to come! For now, peep the PSA by the cuddies Nater & Yoris...

Than the following month, our big uncle Oscar Goldman is taking us on a westcoast tour of epic proportions from Seattle down to Whale's Vagina (San Diego). Jah willing by the mushroom powers of Mario, once we've reached the end of this tour, we will have made America Mexico again! (Here's a clincher: the god Notorious Boris is probably rollin' with our asses too! Woop woop! Juggalo hop bitch!)

So yeah mayng, that's what it is! Stay updated w/ us on all the social media crack from facesmack to instaslore! Y'all get it! In other news, Captain America is a pervert & Iron Man is a bitch for not killing his pedo arse! Who killed Chyna? If we don't get them, they gon' get us all! Get the fuck outta dodge! This ain't a drill! Obama - Osama! Don't you get it??? Bwahahahaha!

Mercury Retrograde Relief (Unlearn the World) 

I find much comfort in the discomfort of the all cosmic shifts and chemical imbalances. Somewhat of a relief in wanderlusting into the past and adding some sparkle.  I discover things about myself that have to be unlocked in order to obtain progress. The mere fact that I am writing this now is my self addressing things that need to get done for the movement.  If you ever felt like a you are a fish out of water then maybe it is time to look beyond the comfort of your self and look to others. You have the ability to rejoice in the victories of others without losing any kind of battle you are fighting within. The music is where all my superheros have been found doing diligent and vigilant services to the world. They often earn very little from doing so in the measurements that success is accounted for. But, if you have any kind of awareness you will be able to see the Golden glow on these individuals.

I know it is hard to imagine that you can give gold away, especially in a society where our money is not worth any. But I like to look at certain artists like they Musa Keita, cause knowledge and passion is what is Gold in a world where we are given so much information that is worth nothing. The brother Lorenz has been sending me so many nasty beats lately, that I have to pay it forward and make sure others can eat with me. I have done this before and have been honored with hearing what ensues.  One shining example is  Unlearn the World dropping this joint today, just giving out blessings from his upcoming mixtape "The New Golden Era".  I can say that the new golden era has to be more centered around knowledge because that is what the kings and queens have been missing out on.  They are thirsty for knowledge, they begging to feel something again.  Watch them teach you a little something in this jam! One Love 


Watch Unlearn the World performing "You Gon' UnLearn Today" live at Elbo Room with Sticky Ricardo in the tuck DJ'n 

Listen to Legga "Eject" the undesired vibes 

I think the main reason young men and adults navigate towards becoming a rap artist and the ones that I meet with magnanimity is heart. This is a forum to express and recognize the heart as it evacuated through sound.  I gather that many men like myself have been conditioned to think the only place to release through your heart is when nobody is around to notice or through direct contact with another vessel.   I think passion and compassion are sisters and they are the external and internal manifestations of the heart.  Believe that we cannot begin to discovery any of these messages until we are willing to "Eject" the stockpile of thoughts that often block the passage and transmissions of heart patterns.  There is an ongoing discussion in the culture of "vibes".  New Age authorities persuade us to accept "positive vibes only". bro.  That gives your ego permission to put all the weight of your thinking on what is going on outside of your self. Then you will begin to fear the world justly. When you realize there are a lot of shitty vibes in the environment that you have little control over.  The World is being ran by people that are energized by power and perversion and we are silly enough to feed them more with our thoughts.  But what if you chose to look at your self and accept it.  Working on factors that you have a greater deal of control over before you put it all on the world. What is the strength without pain and what is honor without failure and what is success without compromise?  Not a shit ton of fulfillment there

When I experience new music from across the world I want see the expression as well as the statement. When you can make something relatable to others and they can develop the understanding that you are not that different. But you can also listen to the voice and the unique limitless arrangements of words and sounds that fit over a pattern of melodies and witness that you are so unique that you don't even know who the fuck you really are anymore. 

The songs "perfect world", "Nothing",  "Circles" and "Over the Clouds" resonate with me the most during the listening of Eject.  Legga punches straight-forward and his story board details the livelihood and survival instinctual nature.  His poems seem to be letters to certain people in his life that he wanted to speak to but maybe he couldn't just say it the way he could over the track or they were unreachable.  All of A.P.C.Q. beats seemed tailored to the moments that Legga wants to Eject from his being which provide a kindred dynamic to their project. He closes out with "Write it Down" which is the medicine to the mind, being able to eject the relationships that are no longer healthy.  If you really want positive vibes in your life, I think one approach could be to eject what ever bullshit thoughts that keep repeating on your subconscious tape real.  Your natural state is of peace, so pay attention to those that wish to make you believe that you can only be healthy if you constantly adding more and more. 



"Burn Up" to Above All Elements ep 

Kuwait City Emcee Element brings his original Turn Up formula handcrafted in the Outer Sunset District of San Francisco at "Above All Elements" Studio at The Honey Hive Art Gallery.  He welcomes you with raspy and harmonic anthems and a confident and charismatic performance in this EP.  Been knowin bout the work effort and hustle mentality of the Bro Element for a minute. He not only just raps, he aims to put Kuwait Urban Culture on the map with fashion and branding. 
Look into Above All Elements Studio by xpress magazine

You can certainly see the Bay Area's most unavoidable influence in this project, especially in "Ima Wait".  "Burn Up" and "Better Man' are stand out tracks to me because he reveals the internal elements that go hand and hand with the gift of excitement and the influential movement of street culture. Look out for Kuwaiti rappers goin in to be acknowledged while you turn up in which ever way you see fit.

Nothing wrong with spaced out Bunny's to promote your brand. Yee!


What's ya name? My Age is Aquarius 

Hey ma, what's ya name? My big bruh Age Scott tryna holler at youuuu tho! Age is an Aquarius in the Age of Aquarius, kinda just like Earth, Wind & Fire sang (R.I.P. Maurice White). You don't know 'bout my dude Age, ma? Check it out then... Lemme run a lil' profile on my dude for you.

Meet Age Scott. Bay Area renaissance man. Hip hop artist in every sense: lyricist to cartoonist. My man's has a crazy legacy in the world of hip hop. How many cats you know can say they the "1st & longest running creator of a hip hop comic book"? None! Unless it's the One; the One behind "Won & Phil".Some heavy accolades right? Ay but he hella humble tho, ma, so don't trip! He hella easily approachable. He just wants to live his life with some "real people" 'cause he "can't tolerate the fake"!

Yeeeahhh ma, my man's rhymes too! I mean, duh! That's what the greatest minds do nowadays: rap! So you buggin' that dude is a fly cartoonist & ill lyricist? My man's Age Scott is a walking, talking, breathing hip hop artifact. We can all learn something from Age. He educates us to be better humans through his art speaking messages of unity, equality, under(over)standing & peace between man & woman, black & white, gay & straight, youth & elderly, & err'buddy out hurr on planet earth! Age also teaches us to be survivors & hustle everyday! One thing I love personally about the man is how bay area he keeps it with his hip hop comic book grind! This brotha is definitely from oldschool Oakland 'cause he will sell you a comic book like Too Short woulda sold you a cassette tape in the 80's. Shit is unprecedented to see a hustle like that still going strong in this day & "Age" (of aquarius). He lives for his art & creates like his life depends on it.  That must be why he's the black Charles Bukowski!

So what ya say, ma? My dude is super cool with the dope positive vibes & he's tryna kick it with you. He just really wants to know what ya name is! Just dip-dip-dah one time & jump into the world he created. You can get a glimpse of what that world looks like in his new music video, a completely hand drawn animation!

In the Age of Aquarius exists Age the Aquarius & he's going strong! These are good times to be living in. Keep your eye on the sparrow! One love! We out here! Yee!

Honey Gold is bay area reppin' 

The Bay Area is a hot spot for shining stars these days but that ain't nuthin' new. Still, there's something special about this particular time with all the knowledge we've been given, how far we've come in evolution, the various cultures we've soaked up & the Christ Consciousness awakening in souls about us. If you combine those elements at play along with that timeless Bay Area innovative renegade spirit, it's easy to see where Honey Gold is comin' from.
She's "seven-oh-seven (707) / bay area reppin'/..."

Honey Gold drips sophisticated metaphysics with cold game she got growin' up in the V (Vallejo). Her singing is unique as her words are original; she steezes all over tracks. Her mind is her weapon, a "clip full of knowledge", so step to the young goddess & you might get lit up. "Let there be light!" Her epiphany was clear, she 'bout to "run all of this shit". & eye cosign that. The world is returnin' to the hands of the righteous. Watch her!
Special nods to this track "No Role Modelz". Word up, sunz & daughterz! Out hurr... Yee!

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