YCR Artist Discussion with LEX the Lexicon Artist

We recently went and interviewed a female hip hop artist, "LEX the Lexicon Artist", in Oakland for YCR. She invited us to one of her shows which happened to a be a Nerdcore show at a place called Octopus Literary Salon. The reason we chose this particular artist to interview had nothing to do with her identification with Nerdcore but rather that she is a raw performer that has bars. But the experience of the scene from the show was remarkable. The artists had draw and clever crowd participation. The crowd themselves was very diverse being in the Bay Area. But you have to take into account that Nerdcore does not discriminate on its' audience or the artist themselves. Because like LEX points out in some of her material, they are among misfitted youth in another realm than that of Urban Displaced relics of hip hop history. Which yet again some Nerdcore artist are well in fact also Displaced Urban Survivors. How this relates to the Authentic identity of Hip Hop culture is that Hip Hop was originated as a unifying force for the youth gangs and the minority artists that hung out in the parks and school yards of New York's most prominent Black and Latin communities. If there was ever a group to choose to predicate the information of Hip Hop origins, I would seek out the Nerds.

The movie "Dope" shows an example of teenage misfits that resonate with Hip Hop identity even though in the film they are in a punk band.

The universities of the world have established that Hip Hop is for even those that are higher educated not just in college campuses but in the iconography of popular culture in the matter of gaming, comics, science fiction, and other nerdy folklore that 'regular' muggles love to hate on. Living in the bay area I like to do my best in understanding the themes that generate a spark in our great divide. We are constantly divided by everything even though we all have access to the same programs. Simply choosing to give respect to different regions of identity, you have gain an ability to get along with everyone. I also believe that being nerdy is kind of a cool thing to be in the bay area with all the technology empires that have sprouted on the same soil of the pioneers for social change and equal rights. Witnessing the Voltron of these societal generations is very mystifying if you look beyond the surface perceptions.

Shout out to Marjorie and Lex for the dope interview.



Listen and download "LEX is More" here

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