YCR Artist Discussion - OneWerd


Marjorie finally got a chance to catch up with OneWerd who is about to head on tour to the midwest. She watched the dope show he put together and was able to gather herself from the underground hip hop excitement sizzling out the the Legionnaire in Oakland. OneWerd spoke up about his role organizing and promoting local hip hop shows. If you have ever done this as an artist you can understand some of the pressures. Yet, this is one of tasks that gives you the classification of "independent artist" and having class while doing it is how you are able to continue. OneWerd is an artist that truely loves the culture and we get to know a little bit about what goes into his song creations as a producer as well as conceptualizing material and collaborating. Check out the latest album he put out "The Faculty 2" which displays the vast array of hip hop talent that he has connected with (link below). We also get to look a little bit into how OneWerd was able to get involved in the Universe of hip hop.  A space which may at times seem like it is only open to certain archtypes of rappers. Much respect to all the heads that have rocked with OneWerd and also all the listeners that give us insight of where we might pop up next. Stay Tuned.   


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