"Top 10" by 60 East (prod. by Phil The Pain)

View that New 60 East  video produced by Phil The Pain.

60 breaks down his top 10 concisely with an actual song to explain his selections.. I respect his approach by naming his list and what they meant to him. Honestly, choosing your favorite is not easy and it is completely subjective. Not every one is gonna be happy with your choices, so it could be wiser to make it more of a personal statement. The style and talent they display some how resonates with you as a human and that is what makes them great. A lot of folks have not even studied the legends like Rakim, Krs, Kane, Ice T, Cube or Kool G so they cannot relate. The evolution of the art form has a great deal to do with who is the greatest. I feel like a lot of people can only extend their list to what they been fed which is not really a big stretch from a BillBoard choice.

As some of you may know, Billboard came out with a list recently.  They not only upset a ton of fans but many big name artists were furious. I think it is funny because they could spend their energy giving the legends recognition rather than bashing an article. At the same time, many of Billboards choices didn’t do anything for myself as an artist or an individual, they didn’t have E-40 listed, Nope haha.  My opinion is that your list can change every year and that you can always look to others to learn about some of these legendary rappers. The other thought is that Hip Hop is like 40 years old.  We could easily specify different sub genres of the culture. You could make a list for every sub genre and compile a list from every number one on each of them. That seems very extensive, I am more on par with 60 East by relating your selections to what they have taught you as a man.


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