The victory of the Holy Crusaders In BAY-bylon

They endured many hardships, both personal & collectively. Slores would take their hearts & poop on them after they had been raw dogged porn style by men who produce boogers for semen. Ninjas turned they backs on them & broke the Samurai code & started rollin' w/ the ways of the Sith. The White Man tried to pin them down & sue them into oblivion. The hermaphrodite demonic deity Baphomet sent hellish fuckboys with their low level vampirism to blow their cholo vibes. In the face of it all, the GBC kept together, remained true & faithful to their album by the light of the Lord & His funky hip hop angels that love that real shit.

We did it, y'all. The album is out. We rocked the Honey Hive & had a successful show & fed all of our children in attendance pizza for their souls

Here's a glimpse of the night June 18th that the gods Goomy Bear Clique reigned in supreme victory over bay area hip hop.

Yeah mayng! You see what it is! Shout outs all the ones that support! We don't stop & we won't stop! Str8 underground shit! Fuck all that sellout noize ya heard??? Pay you?? Nah pay us! & just cuz you pay us doesn't mean we doin' that batty boy fratty boy shit for ya! Ya heard????

Coming out of the Bay Area, the Goomy Bears Clique are a trio of quintessential poets representing the unfiltered emotional intellect of today’s shifting realities while gauging their own psychedelic manifestations. Comprising of veteran independent hustlers (Taste Nate, GiGiO & Notorious Boris), GBC is motivated by an unwavering spiritual calling but still maintaining their urban heritage. In other words, GBC be enlightened but they still keep it hood, y’all. They eloquently combine the elements of various genres from alternative hip hop to trap, hyphy to krunk, heavy metal to 80’s pop, reggae to gospel, with an outrageous humor creating something that is uniquely their own style. Their first album, “Holy Crusaders In BAYbylon”, produced by Houston musician Lord Lorenz, is out now. Stay goomed y'all.

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Very politely, please shut the fuck up.

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