The Summer of the Goomy

When you see this face, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Probably nothing because your brains have been sucked out of your skull through your ears by the demon dicksucking lips of Kardashian vampire slorebags from hellyweird. Earlier this week as I'm sitting down grubbing Ethiopian chomp with my holistic sexy woman, a whole table of guis across the other side of the room is chattering so loudly out of their stinky, filthy, cherry-popped arseholes about Bernie Sanders & Donald Trump as if science has anything to do with the matter. I wanted them to shut the fuck up because their privileged Coldplay Beyonce fan-fuck-boy-fuck-girl voices were disturbing my healthy hard-on that I had for my meal & my woman. Involuntarily, I had learned by listening to their Ellen Degeneres Justin Bieber bullshit that they thought they were journalists. You a journalist? How? You ain't got the answers, Sway! Bitch this is Yellow Cake Radio. All you VICE grippin' Charlamagne ass Michael Moore ass NPR religion freaks get the bozack! I bet you bitches got Jon Stewart tattooed on your pasty, celluloid asscheeks like he's some kind of American hero. Bitch did he tell you that Prince got killed by Homer Simpson? Nah ho! That's some shit I learned on YouTube.

It's been a long time. I shouldn't have left you without a big beard to step to. But this dirty Sanchez mustache will serve you well in the meanwhile & in the meanwhile, we mean / wild!
In the spirit of the season, Yellow Cake Radio proudly declares this 2016 summer: the Summer of the Goomy!

First thing's first, this June 18th, come party with the Goomy Bears Clique (Taste Nate, GiGiO & Notorious Boris) at the muthfuckin' Honey Hive Gallery in Frisco or as we like to call it, the bumgarden! We are celebrating our debut release album, "Holy Crusaders In BAYbylon", produced by the musical slapmaster from Houston Lord Lorenz. There's plenty to say about this extraordinarily groundbreaking shamanistic gangsta rap album but we'll save that for the weeks to come! For now, peep the PSA by the cuddies Nater & Yoris...

Than the following month, our big uncle Oscar Goldman is taking us on a westcoast tour of epic proportions from Seattle down to Whale's Vagina (San Diego). Jah willing by the mushroom powers of Mario, once we've reached the end of this tour, we will have made America Mexico again! (Here's a clincher: the god Notorious Boris is probably rollin' with our asses too! Woop woop! Juggalo hop bitch!)

So yeah mayng, that's what it is! Stay updated w/ us on all the social media crack from facesmack to instaslore! Y'all get it! In other news, Captain America is a pervert & Iron Man is a bitch for not killing his pedo arse! Who killed Chyna? If we don't get them, they gon' get us all! Get the fuck outta dodge! This ain't a drill! Obama - Osama! Don't you get it??? Bwahahahaha!

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