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The "Caprican" ep was originally released on Jan 8th, 2014 (my bornday). The idea was to incorporate the statements of my inner and outer being. Caprican translates to Puerto Rican Capricorn. The beats that I selected were mostly sample based cuts all provided by Lord Lorenz. Lorenz production initiated the space to get into that cool earthy element of the season. With this kind of project I steer away from becoming overly technical and just flow with inspiration. In that silence, I am able to explore some truth in words and wake up to the acceptance of unconditioned love. Now that all sounds good on paper (or wax) but actually practicing and living it is the challenge. However, you can notice the emotional and spiritual growth of myself as an artist and man from the lessons on this album. There is a great deal of wisdom that is always a joy to listen to, it is like rereading your own personal story in rhyme form. Some messages known deep within us are able to shine through the music because it is a territory where I am free.

Taken from the song "Inhale Aquila"


There is also a great deal of freedom to be weird, random and  out of your mind.  For example, there Is a track on this album called "Snow Bunny Holes" talking about the attraction to white woman and tantra healing each other, there is a great deal of witty wisdom in there even though it is nutty.  That song sampled two versions of "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane.  Furthermore, If you watch the video for created "Applause Beware" you will get what I mean about random haha.

Taken from the song  "Snow Bunny Holes"

When writing some of these tracks and many others over the years, I witness an ancient quality to them. I notice this same quality in many other independent artists as well. We are tapping into some of the lost stories and others that are like timeless tales of folklore. At least this is how I imagine it. Sometimes when writing I come across resources that channel the same expression that I am accessing. It is very inspiring and at the same time hard to really explain.  It just is, if you try to interpret it too much on the surface it becomes confusion.  Below the surface you find that there is little need to justify it. It is there for us to explore.

Taken from the song "Serket"

In the end, I look at this album as part of my being but overall I don't care to be labeled by my planetary alignment or my ethnic heritage. It is just an attribute. What is more important is that I have to capacity to transcribe these messages now and have the ability to create from a space of love without being attached to the outcome.  You can download this entire album or any of our music for free on TasteNate.com

The video below  is a rare Interview at San Francisco State University "HardIIObtain" Radio with Above All Elements and Traphique. We are discussing the vibe and production of the project as well a little bit about the philosophy of Taste Nate and the origins of Yellow Cake Radio.


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