Summer Illin with Beauty and Brains

Coming off summer tour Watzreal Drops a dope a video off his Debut album with some of the Coolest mofos in the Bay Area Hip Hop Scene both featured and scattered throughout the storyline as cameos.  Nuff respect to Bazooka Joe and Lil MC for giving the story their interesting perspective. This was a well thought out and operated direction by Eric Grivas of e.g.story.arts.   Watzreal has a new album THE: The Human Experience dropping Nov 2016.


Where does she fall on the Crazy:Hot Matrix ?  If they are anything like myself then we already too crazy for this chart.  We like to see beyond perception. Intelligence is sexy and is just as attractive as looks. This is why some may identify themselves as Sapiosexual.  But that doesn't mean we ain't looking for the Beauty as well as the brains. YEE!

This month Watzreal is teaming up with Builders to present IE to the Bay which is a dope showcase at the Showdown featuring artists from the Bay and Inland Empire. 

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