Sueños Reconciliation


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The brother Herbie One is a dope hip hop producer out here in the bay area. He has released various beat tapes and produced for some of the raw talent in the community.  Herbie One coordinates cutty events that showcase local rappers as well as beat makers.  He has been involved in a company of jazz musicians called Sueños since 2015 and they have already performed in several cities and jazz festivals. They are all classically trained as well Jazz trained players. Their latest release is called "Reconciliation" and that is a powerful exertion to break down within the notes.

The Band Members for this Album:

Joe Palmer, Drums

Steve Conroy, Bass

John Lander, Rhodes

Jovan Alexandre, Tenor Sax

Noah Frank, Trumpet 

Eli Maliwan, Additional sounds


 Herbie One started writing material for "Reconciliation" in 2007 when he heard a trumpeter from New Orleans, Christian Scott , for the 1st time. He was building with his former group "Synthesis" from about 2007-2010  Herbie transitioned his creative energy to producing hip hop beats and Synthesis kind of dismantled.  Herbie started  Sueños in 2015 after spending the summer in the Washington Heights district of New York City.  One day in the summer of 2015, Herbie was at the West 4th subway station after attending the Blue Note. He randomly bumped into the drummer Joe Palmer. They both went to Berklee College of Music in Boston together. Joe is also a producer under the name of  XOPTF.  After reuniting that day, they collaborated on late-night beat making sessions over the summer and finished an instrumental album called "Snakes Will Bite". Sueños began by playing mostly jazz and hip hop covers but naturally gravitated to creating more original material. When the time came to record the album, Herbie traveled back from the Bay Area to New York City. Joe helped him bring together the additional players for the sessions and booked the studio. They recorded at Teaneck Sound Studio, which is operated by one of the former drummers of the band Blood Sweat and Tears.  Joe discovered this connection from his teacher Lenny White (Return to Forever)


"I recorded Reconciliation last summer when I was living in Brooklyn. We are going back into the studio in September to record our 2nd album." 

-Herbie One

Reconciliation is like a binding of Herbie's experience in the Vibrant colors of New York City as well as the cosmic and chill elements found in the Bay Area.  In a way it is regaining the momentum he anticipated in his previous band. The album also fuses together the technical jazz improvisation with the hard breaks for any emcee that is looking for to catch a vibe.  Some of these tracks flow with catchy melodies while others are more experimental. The recordings are very sonically pleasing. The album was recorded in New York, but it was mixed and mastered in Berkeley by Charlie Wilson at Sonic Zen Records. It is super dope to forge these relationships and connections on both ends of the country, especially in a melting pot tradition like Jazz music.  The performance of the players made it seem like that had been playing these songs together for a while but they only really rehearsed once before going in the studio and recording this joint. They are really great at what they do!

Herbie one on the tracks "Reconciliation" and "Affection: 

"I wrote those 2 joints when I was 17"

*bars!!(The drummer Brandon Drumwisdom Farmer also produces hip hop beats and the sax player Eli "Rice Kings" has an electronic side project)




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