Sargon "Poppa Props" album Trigger Words

Many of us hip hop pioneers dream to have a relatively simple life, away from all the burdens of the supposed "reality" matrix.  One clear cut New York 90's boom bap underground example is Sargon.  I met him online in a forum for "Take the Red Pill" show hosted by this Cat Slim Swayze out in Canada.  In 2011 I worked on a few tapes with the homie Dj MiNDCONTOL in Minneapolis, who had was a co conspirator on the show. They would delve into issues about MK Ultra, Blood sacrifice, Mystery schools, and other government operations and geo-political topics. Sargon was diggin the song "Drown" with Kaef Black, when we premiered it on that show.  I reached out to him and had him on a few of my projects, and we played some of his joints during our show at SF State. I thought it was dope catching someone that casually talked about all these conspiracies that I was researching in my depressed nights as a young broke rapper.   I think what makes Sargon's style important is the voice of freedom and utter disapproval of hip hop infrastructure. To put that into perspective, it is about using your voice for creative expression and not waiting around to be drafted like a D-League athlete.  The other aspect is having a catalog to be remembered as your legacy.  Staying vigilant and active on esoteric and occult studies gives myself as a listener much anticipation.  As a student of rhyme poetry  we are able to take what  we want out of the writing. Other might not catch the punches cause they stay sleeping. This album "Poppa Props"  showcases the other side as well because some of the instrumentals glide you into the concept without needing so much introduction. We are all too familiar with the boom and bap and honestly some of our favorite rappers have been losing their grip with what that even means. I want to get into some the Trigger words that I find fascinating because it's like, "I know what you saying" and others would be afraid of having an opinion because they are scared of being pigeonholed by their peers or public.  

                                                "The More I become learn-ed, the More I become a hermit"

#1 Who is your Favorite Crisis actor/actress?
Is it possible to get roles in three different attacks and be crying Jordan tears.  How does one get into the field of crisis acting during staged false flag, hoaxes, or psychological operations? If you "just a Villain chillin in your Villa" like Sargon you would be able to distinguish the agendas behind these events and still be able to go to work and whip up some "Good Jail" for lunch.

2#  What do we do about Energy Vampires?
Debbie downers and molly powder do not mix well. Keep your hand sanitizer at rap shows cause some of those improper props are from vamps in sheep clothing.  Maybe that 12th beer was not the best choice cause now you're elbows deep in some hybrid alien tang and you know that there are side effects. Other than that, some vampires are not  really aware of their toxic behavior. It is more about being made to feel guilty, Jealous, Insecure, or falling into the habit of hatred and gossip.  I think when you take those factors out you are left with more love and life force energy to give freely to whom you feel is in need.  Keep you bunny antennas on alert and let the hip hop guide your spirit vessels. 

3# GMO doesn't make you make you a Mutant Super Hero
What does it mean when your favorite ass rapper all gassed up because he drinking dairy cow with pus in it.  The bananas you buy from Walmart got some infant blood in it. I don't know bout all that, I know that too much of anything is not good for the goy. Look into the agenda and you will see that you have to replace your self and your partner for humanity to survive.  So make sure you have a child before you get your sex change and remember that it ain't really sweet if the ants don't eat it. If you feel numb from the meal then you might need to reread the nutritional information. The rap world is the same, you might look good in your packaging but the value is not really something of substance. How you supposed to save the game if you haven't saved your self from the clutches of Satan. It is an ongoing process but check the labels and look for the natural ingredients.  When in doubt buy local productions and you will be a greater deal useful for the betterment of humanity than your favorite celebrity cosigning the United Nations.  

Peace to Sargon and Post Mortem aka Shermman Skilliams, who featured on two of my projects. "The Path Without" "Holy Crusaders in Bay-bylon"


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