Oscar Goldman "Prevoid" ep preview

Our homie Oscar Goldman Just released his latest ep on Fake Four Records!! 


YCR: You gotta a new ep out called "Prevoid" tell us what is the meaning/purpose behind that title?

OG: Prevoid has 2 meanings. Number one it's to prevent and avoid... lots of peeps wanna bring shade to ya life and we do our best to prevent or avoid it.. number two is the pre void.. like whenever we were kids.. just an easier time 

YCR: So is it kinda like looking back to a time when it was more carefree and at the same time not caring what haters gotta say bout it? OG: Yuppppp... and believe me even the haters are gonna love it.

YCR: Haha I heard that, how did you link with the producer Casey Chisholm and what went into the process of creating this joint? 

OG: I met Casey Chisholm in 2010 doing a show with him and our local town of Sonora. We made an EP together back in 2013 called "Overwhelmed" and I've always wanted to make a full-length album together. Early in 2016, we started making this project. When I was making this project, I was watching a lot of old VHS movies and drawing a lot. so that was a lot of inspiration for this project.

YCR: Oh man that is a good Khemestry, What VHS tapes inspired this ep? 

OG: Anything with Rick Moranis

YCR: Good choice, I was told once I looked like a young Rick Moranis. 

OG: Hahahahaa, Amazing Balls  

YCR: You also reference Wrestling a lot in your music what classic Wrestler would you say your rap style is influenced by? 

OG: The Ultimate Warrior for sure.. not the one who came back to the WCW to lose to Hollywood Hogan, I mean the old WWF Ultimate Warrior 

YCR: His lats were fierce lol, RIP 

OG: HAHAH fosho, He was da man. 

YCR: Tell the people about how you started getting into rapping and performing and what it is like being a rapper in a small town? 

OG: I started rhyming around 2006 with Notorious Boris cuz he had a home studio. I really started performing around 2010 and every year I try to do as many shows as possible. Doing shows in a small town and being a hip hop artist has always been a challenge but at the same time it's been great cuz everybody who is into Hip Hop has always been supportive 

YCR: Uhh shout out Boris!! That is always a beautiful thing to get love in your home town and dope that you rep your soil. Is that how you met Ceschi, doing shows or how did you guys link up? 

OG: I met Ceschi in 2016. I did a show with him at the honey hive gallery in San Francisco. After that show we be talked and became good friends. From then on it's been nothing but amazing.

YCR: Word, shout out Wolf Langis at the Honey Hive. So I wanna say my favorite tracks on here are "Deep End" and "Drive You Crazy" can you give us a little insight about the creative concepts for those gems? 

OG: Deep end is basically about the deep end of the pool. People are always scared of the deep end but I just used it to tread water. Drive you crazy came to me because one day. I was at the mall and noticed I was getting gawked at more than usual. And it kind of drove me crazy 

YCR: I feel it Gawking Squaks. What do you do when people drive you crazy without becoming crazy too?

OG: I write songs. 

YCR: That is a very healthy outlet. What else do you have coming up next with your music? Is there a full length album to follow this? 


OG: If you head over to Fake Four's Bandcamp you can download the EP for free or buy the full length album for $4 that has twice as many songs. 

YCR: Sweet, is there anyone else you wanna acknowledge or shout out? 

OG: Shout out to Taste Nate and Yellow Cake Radio.  Shout out to Ceschi and Fake Four Records. A huge shout out to anybody who's listen to the EP or bought the album. 

Go watch the Official Video for "Hideaway" by Oscar Goldman feat. Ceschi.



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