Nu Visual by The IMF "82 Beruit"

The International Messy Flesh snaps with his latest Music Video for the track "82 Beirut”. The song pays homage to an era that most current heads can only imagine. This is that Bay Area Boom Bap that OGs can feel. IMF gives us some references to study up on in his lyrics while letting you know that he will bomb you.  The beat was produced by Lmt. Break, who is producing a whole album set to drop on Asthma Funk Records. This video was directed by Tomas Montoya of . There is a lot of dope cutaways that showcase that 1982 era of street culture.  While the message is kind of a flash back to an era of hip hop, it is also a reminder that we really out here navigating through the streets leaving our mark through our actions.

 IMF in the video looking like a young Yasser Arafat who was chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1982 in Lebanon. They were in conflict with Israel who occupied southern Lebanon bombing the land and killing civilians.  The PLO were removed along with Syrian Influence. Israel was aiming to sign a treaty that  was supposed to promise "40 Years of Peace" in that region. Wonder how that worked out. 


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