Mercury Retrograde Relief (Unlearn the World)

I find much comfort in the discomfort of the all cosmic shifts and chemical imbalances. Somewhat of a relief in wanderlusting into the past and adding some sparkle.  I discover things about myself that have to be unlocked in order to obtain progress. The mere fact that I am writing this now is my self addressing things that need to get done for the movement.  If you ever felt like a you are a fish out of water then maybe it is time to look beyond the comfort of your self and look to others. You have the ability to rejoice in the victories of others without losing any kind of battle you are fighting within. The music is where all my superheros have been found doing diligent and vigilant services to the world. They often earn very little from doing so in the measurements that success is accounted for. But, if you have any kind of awareness you will be able to see the Golden glow on these individuals.

I know it is hard to imagine that you can give gold away, especially in a society where our money is not worth any. But I like to look at certain artists like they Musa Keita, cause knowledge and passion is what is Gold in a world where we are given so much information that is worth nothing. The brother Lorenz has been sending me so many nasty beats lately, that I have to pay it forward and make sure others can eat with me. I have done this before and have been honored with hearing what ensues.  One shining example is  Unlearn the World dropping this joint today, just giving out blessings from his upcoming mixtape "The New Golden Era".  I can say that the new golden era has to be more centered around knowledge because that is what the kings and queens have been missing out on.  They are thirsty for knowledge, they begging to feel something again.  Watch them teach you a little something in this jam! One Love 


Watch Unlearn the World performing "You Gon' UnLearn Today" live at Elbo Room with Sticky Ricardo in the tuck DJ'n 

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