Lord Lorenz - Ego Thiefin' but It's nothing personal

Lord Lorenz drops a humble beat tape under his Ego Thief moniker. I remember a few years ago when he started launching his ego their onslaught. I was recording my album Inwords "Words From Within". I was flipping those thangs over before anyone else could get a chance to shine through. I have since learned to chill off that cause the way Lord Lorenz works there is enough for everyone to eat. I am still eating off some of his noise from 2014.  Something we have always acknowledged with yellowcakeradio is not only the sample itself but the way you can turn it out and make your own. I think Lorenz not only does this extremely powerful, he even manages to take it to a new planet or its own genre-bending lane.  Sometimes I am so out of the loop with contemporary or popular music, that I don't even know what song it is until after we already wrecked on it. This is one of the many reasons I am in love with hip hop, not only can you learn about your self you can discover whole new "Avenues of Awareness"

Q: Why did you choose the name mediation?
A: "Well in all honesty ; all happens naturally ; I don't choose the title the title chooses me" 

 "I was in a situation and went through the ups and down and I ended up feeling left out.  I felt releasing this is what makes all of me ( personalities ) happy. Like it's a mutual agreement : cause when I focused on others, I don't attend to what I require : so I get upsets. 
So I have to do certain things to make myself happy cause I make myself mad. The titles and it all usually just occurs : I don't force ; the signs just highlight and it makes sense." 

Mediation is a term I am very familiar with in my life, Cause I often feel like I tend to be in between people's disputes and disturbances as young Janet says "that's the way love goes."  I never mind cause I feel that it helps to be objective in certain situations and also be able to guide your people through compassion. And Montel said "I never come wack on an old school track". Some of us are able to drift into the depths like Aqua Man and some of us are able to fly high into the Air like Superman and others wanna get really mad and fuck shit up like the Incredible Hulk. I feel like The Hulk best depicts Lord Lorenz's Steelo. He is like that chill back H-Town Scientist, but he needs a little spark of Anger and Rage to come out and destroy your life with his audio. But don't Forget that the Hulk is still a Hero, he has been helping a lot of people other than myself to turn out these records on some high level consciousness and genuine love light for those that are chuned in.  OUCHEA


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    Thank you YellowCakeRadio ; you guys are genuine

    Thank you YellowCakeRadio ; you guys are genuine

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