Listen to Legga "Eject" the undesired vibes

I think the main reason young men and adults navigate towards becoming a rap artist and the ones that I meet with magnanimity is heart. This is a forum to express and recognize the heart as it evacuated through sound.  I gather that many men like myself have been conditioned to think the only place to release through your heart is when nobody is around to notice or through direct contact with another vessel.   I think passion and compassion are sisters and they are the external and internal manifestations of the heart.  Believe that we cannot begin to discovery any of these messages until we are willing to "Eject" the stockpile of thoughts that often block the passage and transmissions of heart patterns.  There is an ongoing discussion in the culture of "vibes".  New Age authorities persuade us to accept "positive vibes only". bro.  That gives your ego permission to put all the weight of your thinking on what is going on outside of your self. Then you will begin to fear the world justly. When you realize there are a lot of shitty vibes in the environment that you have little control over.  The World is being ran by people that are energized by power and perversion and we are silly enough to feed them more with our thoughts.  But what if you chose to look at your self and accept it.  Working on factors that you have a greater deal of control over before you put it all on the world. What is the strength without pain and what is honor without failure and what is success without compromise?  Not a shit ton of fulfillment there

When I experience new music from across the world I want see the expression as well as the statement. When you can make something relatable to others and they can develop the understanding that you are not that different. But you can also listen to the voice and the unique limitless arrangements of words and sounds that fit over a pattern of melodies and witness that you are so unique that you don't even know who the fuck you really are anymore. 

The songs "perfect world", "Nothing",  "Circles" and "Over the Clouds" resonate with me the most during the listening of Eject.  Legga punches straight-forward and his story board details the livelihood and survival instinctual nature.  His poems seem to be letters to certain people in his life that he wanted to speak to but maybe he couldn't just say it the way he could over the track or they were unreachable.  All of A.P.C.Q. beats seemed tailored to the moments that Legga wants to Eject from his being which provide a kindred dynamic to their project. He closes out with "Write it Down" which is the medicine to the mind, being able to eject the relationships that are no longer healthy.  If you really want positive vibes in your life, I think one approach could be to eject what ever bullshit thoughts that keep repeating on your subconscious tape real.  Your natural state is of peace, so pay attention to those that wish to make you believe that you can only be healthy if you constantly adding more and more. 



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