Hip Hop isn't dead cause Wu-Tang is Forever

The production backbone of the Wu-Tang temple dynasty RZA, released the album "Bobby Digital in Stereo" 16 years ago today.  He is one wild cat with outlandish concepts and always grimey bluesy soulful sample-based production. We think this album is an album that never really gets the mention when people talk about the who's who's of Wu Wu, but maybe that is why we are able to enjoy it even more.  When a rapper is able to create themselves as another character and ride it all the way out through an entire album; this is something that only real weirdos can appreciate. RZA is definately a creative samurai, only if he'll stop playing with Hollywood Screen Facists and keep diggin in the Crates.  We uploaded the sample to "Love Jones" which is a cutty song from the late 70's by Mighty Ryeders called "Star Children", so chop away and let us know what kind of cake you come up with. BONG BONG!

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