Hashbrown the Slowmantic and The Cluff release "Hashbreak" EP

The Brother Hashbrown swam out his crab shell to share his love story. Love music is something we are very adamant about because it has always been the vessel for which our emotions can travel through. I think that hip hop love stories are not lacking but they have been covered up with too much externalized nonsense. Always giving us this skewed perception of what the real vision is.  Many of us men and woman travel through this journey with jaded notions about our experiences or develop unrealistic expectations of the foundation. Hashbrown has delved into this uncomfortable space with his dreadlocks shaking and his choppy Shaman fiya flow to direct his hearticles. I always look at this as constructive to one man's divine powers when he is able to voice his feelings, a lot of times it takes someone to hurt us whether it be intentional or not. We don't always get the liberty to choose who we love, it kind just gets presented or it is something that was there the whole time waiting for us to give it a go. I feel like his process is finding the answers he craves and also having a guideline to his slowmantic patterns. Overall the gift is being strong enough to display the sincerity of his love. Props to Hashbrown and The Cluff for a solid production coming out of Knock Knock Studios . Give it up to the Lovers, outchea.


There are all these weird little things that we are willing to do for some one when we are in love with them. Like for example, have you ever facetime watched a movie and Synched Up the beginning of the film so there is no delay between the time you see it and they do? We truely live in a weird time when love is at our finger tips but really I believe that most of us men really wanna feel that energy balance. This visual filmed by The Cluff and Tanie Lynn accompanies the Hashbreak EP perfectly and is yet another example of a powerful affirmation of love.

steam or download the entire project  at the1hashbrown.com/store

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