FreeVerse double feature: Frank Vencci & The IMF

Like we always do about this time!

We on dat Yellow Cake Radio shit my aggin, keepin' it real yellow cakey while deez thizzlers on the roof be frosty flakey. That's surreal spill. It might take us a lil' longer to update the blog but that's cuz we're actually siphoning through the noise for that DOPE FRESH shit. Yahmtalkinbout? We ain't just floodin' our website w/ bombarasclat content. There's a whole circuitry of real spitters making real heartfelt music building with people that never get covered by these certain outlets that have campaigned themselves off pay-to-play pop-up ad phony promo hustle to be "official". Fuck all dat noise, son. We out here.

In this day & age, many newjack hustlers posing as artists & entertainers hop on stage with autotune bells & whistles, vocal tracks playing, 20 hypemen dressed in Kanye West slave fashion gear, barely 18 year old slores poppin' their yeast infected coochies on stage or they're droppin' loot to rent out mansions & cars & guns & young thirsty half-naked college slores to be in their video & have that shit all edited together looking like some type of fake ass Scarface movie or somethin'. Silly rabbit. You ain't gotta pay these slores. They'll do that shit for a klondike bar if you really with the P.

See, we here at Yellow Cake Radio have developed a format in giving you the real shit. With the Yellow Cake FreeVerse, what we do is we actually capture artists performing in their true essence & grittiness, stripped away from any bullshit to trick you into thinking they're good. We let these cats make magic out the moment & then we give it to you. That's Yellow Cake, ladies & gentlemen.

First up, peep the young god out of Oakland, Frank Vencci...

 "I'm tough as a dyke chick/ with a nightstick/
that has Ronda Rousey as a sidekick/ doin' side kicks/ on the night shift/"

Next up, we got a very bad man, 1/2 of the Hav-Knots, The IMF (International Messy Flesh)...
"They know I.M.F./ They know I am fresh/
They been waitin' on the king, They know I am next/
You couldn't put the fire out with pyrotechs/
New face of the dark side, I'm Kylo Ren/"

& there you have it, folks!
We out here!
Fuck what ya heard witha big spermy cheetah dick in ya eardrums, ho!
We real hip hop! Yee!

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