Fallen Messiahs

Yellow Cake Guerilla Films just released a video for the song "Fallen Messiahs" produced by Dren Doh and featuring Notorious Boris. The concept for Fallen Messiahs associates with becoming awakened to your spirtual purpose in relationship to the turmoil of our society as well as the tensions and struggles of being a cataylst for life. The film is set in the tenderloin district of San Francisco, where you can find the civic center surrounded by the homeless and forgotten. Borikane defines the "Fallen Messiah" as anyone that has become socially crucified when their views appear radical to the normality that has been tolerated by our ungodly culture.  Hip Hop has always been the medium for which the outcaste rebels of the material world can amplify their inner voice. Today it appears that very voice has been left astray, similar to the junkies and war veterans that lay on the grounds of the TL.

Fallen Messiah DL

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