"Burn Up" to Above All Elements ep

Kuwait City Emcee Element brings his original Turn Up formula handcrafted in the Outer Sunset District of San Francisco at "Above All Elements" Studio at The Honey Hive Art Gallery.  He welcomes you with raspy and harmonic anthems and a confident and charismatic performance in this EP.  Been knowin bout the work effort and hustle mentality of the Bro Element for a minute. He not only just raps, he aims to put Kuwait Urban Culture on the map with fashion and branding. 
Look into Above All Elements Studio by xpress magazine

You can certainly see the Bay Area's most unavoidable influence in this project, especially in "Ima Wait".  "Burn Up" and "Better Man' are stand out tracks to me because he reveals the internal elements that go hand and hand with the gift of excitement and the influential movement of street culture. Look out for Kuwaiti rappers goin in to be acknowledged while you turn up in which ever way you see fit.

Nothing wrong with spaced out Bunny's to promote your brand. Yee!


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