Breathless More than a fly woman Spitter

         Don't get it twisted the New Visual By Breathless is much greater than a turn up about how fly you are since you on the scene shining (not that it ain't).  This is more about empowerment and teaching the children about becoming the celestial being that they are meant to be. She is also throwing a lot references of historical heroines for the listener to identify and search for within themselves.

"Man i am feeling like a falcon, like i'm malcom in air 
like i'm assata and coretta with some angela flair"

"i feel like i'm sojourner man i be telling the truth 
or like i'm betty mixed with frida when i'm up in the booth"

Breathless is leading the strides for female artists in the Bay Area to open up and tell their own stories and doing so by spreading love and knowledge of self more than anything.  When you have love in your heart and that inner knowing, you are able to fly above all the heavy mess that is a part of this dream we are living.

"The meaning behind this song is a lot deeper than some airplanes and a woman who flew around the world.....if you aren't sure about females who spit....if you think you may like hip hop but need something to push you over the edge? Seriously yo....Nina Simone said we have a duty to tell the truth as it is as an artist....all I can do is tell the TRUTH!"


Last but not least gotta give it up to all the dope hip hop dancers in this video for bringing in the whole other element of hip hop which is so power full and a large representation of our counter culture.  I think many of us have forgotten our "tribal relations" and they can easily be activated through movement and dance. Be on the looks for her album "Lovelution" dropping soon.


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