Listen to Legga "Eject" the undesired vibes 

I think the main reason young men and adults navigate towards becoming a rap artist and the ones that I meet with magnanimity is heart. This is a forum to express and recognize the heart as it evacuated through sound.  I gather that many men like myself have been conditioned to think the only place to release through your heart is when nobody is around to notice or through direct contact with another vessel.   I think passion and compassion are sisters and they are the external and internal manifestations of the heart.  Believe that we cannot begin to discovery any of these messages until we are willing to "Eject" the stockpile of thoughts that often block the passage and transmissions of heart patterns.  There is an ongoing discussion in the culture of "vibes".  New Age authorities persuade us to accept "positive vibes only". bro.  That gives your ego permission to put all the weight of your thinking on what is going on outside of your self. Then you will begin to fear the world justly. When you realize there are a lot of shitty vibes in the environment that you have little control over.  The World is being ran by people that are energized by power and perversion and we are silly enough to feed them more with our thoughts.  But what if you chose to look at your self and accept it.  Working on factors that you have a greater deal of control over before you put it all on the world. What is the strength without pain and what is honor without failure and what is success without compromise?  Not a shit ton of fulfillment there

When I experience new music from across the world I want see the expression as well as the statement. When you can make something relatable to others and they can develop the understanding that you are not that different. But you can also listen to the voice and the unique limitless arrangements of words and sounds that fit over a pattern of melodies and witness that you are so unique that you don't even know who the fuck you really are anymore. 

The songs "perfect world", "Nothing",  "Circles" and "Over the Clouds" resonate with me the most during the listening of Eject.  Legga punches straight-forward and his story board details the livelihood and survival instinctual nature.  His poems seem to be letters to certain people in his life that he wanted to speak to but maybe he couldn't just say it the way he could over the track or they were unreachable.  All of A.P.C.Q. beats seemed tailored to the moments that Legga wants to Eject from his being which provide a kindred dynamic to their project. He closes out with "Write it Down" which is the medicine to the mind, being able to eject the relationships that are no longer healthy.  If you really want positive vibes in your life, I think one approach could be to eject what ever bullshit thoughts that keep repeating on your subconscious tape real.  Your natural state is of peace, so pay attention to those that wish to make you believe that you can only be healthy if you constantly adding more and more. 



"Burn Up" to Above All Elements ep 

Kuwait City Emcee Element brings his original Turn Up formula handcrafted in the Outer Sunset District of San Francisco at "Above All Elements" Studio at The Honey Hive Art Gallery.  He welcomes you with raspy and harmonic anthems and a confident and charismatic performance in this EP.  Been knowin bout the work effort and hustle mentality of the Bro Element for a minute. He not only just raps, he aims to put Kuwait Urban Culture on the map with fashion and branding. 
Look into Above All Elements Studio by xpress magazine

You can certainly see the Bay Area's most unavoidable influence in this project, especially in "Ima Wait".  "Burn Up" and "Better Man' are stand out tracks to me because he reveals the internal elements that go hand and hand with the gift of excitement and the influential movement of street culture. Look out for Kuwaiti rappers goin in to be acknowledged while you turn up in which ever way you see fit.

Nothing wrong with spaced out Bunny's to promote your brand. Yee!


What's ya name? My Age is Aquarius 

Hey ma, what's ya name? My big bruh Age Scott tryna holler at youuuu tho! Age is an Aquarius in the Age of Aquarius, kinda just like Earth, Wind & Fire sang (R.I.P. Maurice White). You don't know 'bout my dude Age, ma? Check it out then... Lemme run a lil' profile on my dude for you.

Meet Age Scott. Bay Area renaissance man. Hip hop artist in every sense: lyricist to cartoonist. My man's has a crazy legacy in the world of hip hop. How many cats you know can say they the "1st & longest running creator of a hip hop comic book"? None! Unless it's the One; the One behind "Won & Phil".Some heavy accolades right? Ay but he hella humble tho, ma, so don't trip! He hella easily approachable. He just wants to live his life with some "real people" 'cause he "can't tolerate the fake"!

Yeeeahhh ma, my man's rhymes too! I mean, duh! That's what the greatest minds do nowadays: rap! So you buggin' that dude is a fly cartoonist & ill lyricist? My man's Age Scott is a walking, talking, breathing hip hop artifact. We can all learn something from Age. He educates us to be better humans through his art speaking messages of unity, equality, under(over)standing & peace between man & woman, black & white, gay & straight, youth & elderly, & err'buddy out hurr on planet earth! Age also teaches us to be survivors & hustle everyday! One thing I love personally about the man is how bay area he keeps it with his hip hop comic book grind! This brotha is definitely from oldschool Oakland 'cause he will sell you a comic book like Too Short woulda sold you a cassette tape in the 80's. Shit is unprecedented to see a hustle like that still going strong in this day & "Age" (of aquarius). He lives for his art & creates like his life depends on it.  That must be why he's the black Charles Bukowski!

So what ya say, ma? My dude is super cool with the dope positive vibes & he's tryna kick it with you. He just really wants to know what ya name is! Just dip-dip-dah one time & jump into the world he created. You can get a glimpse of what that world looks like in his new music video, a completely hand drawn animation!

In the Age of Aquarius exists Age the Aquarius & he's going strong! These are good times to be living in. Keep your eye on the sparrow! One love! We out here! Yee!

Honey Gold is bay area reppin' 

The Bay Area is a hot spot for shining stars these days but that ain't nuthin' new. Still, there's something special about this particular time with all the knowledge we've been given, how far we've come in evolution, the various cultures we've soaked up & the Christ Consciousness awakening in souls about us. If you combine those elements at play along with that timeless Bay Area innovative renegade spirit, it's easy to see where Honey Gold is comin' from.
She's "seven-oh-seven (707) / bay area reppin'/..."

Honey Gold drips sophisticated metaphysics with cold game she got growin' up in the V (Vallejo). Her singing is unique as her words are original; she steezes all over tracks. Her mind is her weapon, a "clip full of knowledge", so step to the young goddess & you might get lit up. "Let there be light!" Her epiphany was clear, she 'bout to "run all of this shit". & eye cosign that. The world is returnin' to the hands of the righteous. Watch her!
Special nods to this track "No Role Modelz". Word up, sunz & daughterz! Out hurr... Yee!

Gigio's Legend of the Last Bear Standing  

Gigio runs down his cycle with us and revels the thoughts of his upbringing as a wild and sharp emcee in the bay area. The faith that he has found with the motion of his flat earth and the connections wavered into his bearing along the way. Coming of self is always threefold as an artist of his caliber. As many of us know it is in our words and in our actions we start to manifest our dreams and unearth our infinite soul.  But it is also our inert alchemy that gives us the ability to perform any of this. This is the subtle ability to transform with time and make something out of nothing. This is some thing that is recognized in the artist. It is not easy to explain so that is why being one is risky business. The latest guerilla type interview by 7rupae is reminiscent of  Gigio's own web interview series "Rebels and Poets" which is a song he made with Mighty Lee Ban. This was an Associated Fresh Track and Ironically I am showing you the Rebels and poets TV episode of Mighty Lee Ban.  

The rebel and the poet is meeting 2016 in the perspective of seeing and believing all at once.

Gigio Totes his bagage very generous and gives you a piece of his heart. Here he is with his friends, Buddha, Jesus and Young Ass Yoda.

Last year Gigio Traveled to Japan on the strength of his humble guide Samurai Warrior Jesus.   

Gigio has left his mark on 2015 but is bringing some friends along into the new year to share their "Brain Shine"


Watch this unscripted event and get a glimpse into this Artist's Past and Future, maybe learn a little something about your self even.

Hard II Obtain the pass at Compton University 

You may never know when Voris Forte is gonna be in Bomplex magazine but you know he has gone from broke to better.  From surviving childhood growing up in Compton To becoming a "Student of the City" at SF State where he started "Hard II Obtain" the label straight outta the Solar System. The Solar System might have Deadly Elements that veer through Silent Scopes.  You can see the Target that is hard for others to fathom.  Nothing here is Promised  but Forte wants you to know that as he welcomes you to his vision for Compton University. Making noise out here in the Bay Area, Forte is known to be Committed to the city that birthed his drive.  This is a strong performance by Forte, speaking from his experiences over varied forms of beats. Some real power full features from Traphique on Anxious, Some Kuwaiti Crooning by Emcee Element on Keep it Movin' and a powerful spoken word message from YnG RobB. All these songs have conflicts involved. Three I can Point out are the distinction between getting fame and recognition or being a teacher in the school of thought. The next is being able to distinguish the fake from the real or having the capacity to ever understand the difference.  The last and one that we gather is of much importance is the will of the divine and the real truth discovery. You the undergrad In the school halls, Squabbling against settlements that promise material rewards for giving up a new forgiven faith.  

Voris describes his setting as follows:

 "The artwork is to combine csudh, compton college, & El camino - lifestyle / area like Carson and letting the campus portray how our student union would be What it would be if all the homies went to college Or maybe what we would need to make it to college, ex. NO RACIAL PROFILING ALLOWED, or A TRASH CAN, INSTEAD OF IT SAYING RECYCLE... HAVE IT SAY WEAK BARS "


YCR 2015 Oversight Part II (Paying Respect) 

    How does one begin to pay respects? Is it in our contributions as in paying gratuity? Or is it in the way that we honor them?  I believe that when we lose someone we don't really lose them completely, they exist in another place. This is a place we can visit when ever we pay our respect. It is some what of an offering from our database of collected memories. We are not so separate from the ones we cherish. When it is someone that we love dearly, we pay our tributes by recognizing their importance in developing the human we have become.  Simple things that trigger their essence like playing one of their favorite songs, the smell of their fragrance or the steam rising from the dish they used to prepare. One common thing that I think is powerful is telling their story as if you are playing their character in dialogue to someone else. Someone that might recall that scene or someone that you often share your self with.  It is in these tributes that we begin to have no fear of what we will be leaving behind us but more certainty in what we have here and what we have around us visible and invisible. 


   The one thing we can both hold on to forever is the same thing we must let go of completely in order to pay tribute to our own spirit and growth. 

    I feel that it is important to pay respect to others before they have gone else where.  It seems like a stretch for a lot of us because we are so fixated on accessing our potential as students, workers, fathers, mothers, artists or whatever.  We sometimes have this wall built up from what ever kinds of struggles we experienced. We wish to extinguish what has become an attachment but these beliefs form our character or self image.  But paying respect to each other, especially those we feel some type of draw or repel from  is a sure way that we vanquish the separations.  That has an effect on our own wellbeing as we become more fluid in oneness.  I cannot say that I am an expert at this but I can say that one of the reasons that we have been writing about hip hoppers is an attempt to make others feel that they are a part of something. I think that what makes us unique is also something that can make us feel connected to others no matter the age, gender, race, or location. By paying respect to what makes us different we are doing a great deal in bringing us together in unity in a different arena. This is the area of your mind that stores the same memories of loved ones that we once lost. We begin engaging in a dialogue that there are no words to explain.

We wanna pay a special respect to some important people we lost in 2015

"The West looking at me like I'm all that we got"

The Bay Area Lost The Jacka, who was really thought to be the one artist to carry the bay area into the limelight after the passing of Mac Dre.  His music was very important in that it made people feel a part of his life and he didn't really hold back. The first time I heard The Jacka was in my older brother's friends ride, he picked me up from the bus stop and went on his mob route on the way to drop me off to school, He pulled up hella high tacked out in the drivers seat, we was puffing on some stuff the same color as a dolphin's jersey.

I think after we were put on to the Mob Figaz whole smoothed out delivery and every now and then he would drop some real game that I could sit there and think about. He would say something like I hooked up every drug in the book the pain won't go no where or I pray facing the east but don't know where Allah is. I feel like to me his best work was with the producer Rob Lo, who is definitely one of the most slept on producers coming out of the bay area.  I feel like some of those soul samples we're the perfect way to get Jack to express his Spiritual Side.

"Don't Believe the News' Hype, they only give a nigga props when he lose his life."

Jacka was not a stranger to collaborating with others. He did songs with Cormega, which always kind of tripped people out, he also did a shit load of features and compilations. He was dropping his second album with Freeway when he passed, but I think my favorite Jacka collab was with Ampichino in their group "Devilz Rejects". Once again I think it was some of those heavy soulful that matched perfectly with the flow. They had a dope chemistry and 36 zips got nods from legends like Nas.  The music will always be timeless to people from the Bay Area especially. Pay respect to the MOB.

"Sean Carter is nice but Sean Price is the best."

My respect goes out to any one that is able to speak our their mind and say what ever the fuck they want at the same time. Brownsville NYC Rapper Sean Price is the epitome of "no fucks given" but at the same time he is highly competitive, whereas some emcees will be just accept that they nice on the strength of their measure.  Otherwise known as Ruck in the Group Heltah Skeltah, Their album in 96, which is one of the most important years in Hip Hop in my Opinion, was considered a classic by many heads. Undastand

I think I became aware of Sean when i was introduced to Buckshot, Duck Down Music and their super group Boot Camp Clik.  His outlandish delivery made him a stand out and the fact that he said his name on almost every verse. Sean Price was original in the Fact that he kept reinventing himself on projects using wordplay in his tittles. They are often quite hilarious, you can tell he liked to have fun and be creative while he bodied you. My favorites are Kimbo Price, (even the resemblance) and Jesus Price Supastar.

I think Sean always shined on projects with the Boston Producer Statik Selektah. Here is an example that he pulled out the archives after Sean moved on.
Pay Repect to the God.


"I had the great opportunity to work with some of the greatest artists - the Beach Boys, the Temptations, the Four Tops. Otis Redding. Wilson Pickett. Stevie Wonder. So many great singers. And don't forget Clarence Carter! "

Percy Sledge has one of dopest voices ever and I think his story is Inspiring. I watched this documentary about the studio Muscle Shoals and he had one of the most interesting come ups especially in that region.  He was given the gift of that gritty soil that defined a sound that had feelings in a frequency people weren't used to.

Some kings clock out earlier and others get to finish their stay. We lost two kings this year that were cheif contributors to Black American music. Pay your respects to BB King and Ben E King.

"We all have idols. Play like anyone you care about but try to be yourself while you're doing so."

One thing that always struck a cord about the blues was the misconception. This is something that I remember getting explained by BB King. I can't find the exact words but it what I understand is that Blues isn't so much about vocalizing your problems and the pain but more about giving it a place to live so you will be able to free again. The place that this inner voice lives is in the hearts of many people that can relate to the feeling. Respect to the King

"Hummingbird" is like an instance where the blues calls back

"I always felt I never chose music, it chose me."

Ben E King managed to keep his presence alive past the pop doo wop era with The Drifters into more authentic soul and R & B music. He surely used his creative sense and Imagination to get him there. You gotta know how to stand by your kings and charge them up with your love.  Respect to the King

"Just when you think you know the answers, I change the questions."

Respect to Roddy Piper one of Wrestling's greatest instigators. I see a lot of your favorite rappers wearing Kilts and shit, maybe they got the idea from Piper.  But if you gonna be going around rocking a skirt you might wanna be ready to throw down and do some real ninja shit. 

Piper's Pip with Hulkster looking all sad

A lot of you children walking around rocking OBEY gear and don't realize it was from this movie.  Roddy Piper stars in this cult documentary about the ruling elite of aliens that build their whole power structure from manipulating the public to be mindless consumer zombies. There is a lot about this movie that screams hip hop as you can see many street artist have been inspired by the content of this film.

Shout out to all you people that have been finding unique ways of paying homage to other humans, it is part of what us that makes us special species, we actually have compassion. One time to Natalie Cole, MotorHead and Pumpkinhead, Bat Girl, Allen Toussaint, Dusty Rhodes and the homie Spock



Yellow Cake Radio "Yay Area Oversight" Part 1 

It has been a minute since we hit you with the biz. I want to let you know that we have received more than we could have ever imagined from sharing music and insight from inspiring contributors this year. The feedback proves that this is a formidable format and we will forge on to shine light on dope material that may or may not get it's just due.  The whole concept of creating a music blog is used as a resource for artists to get more fans, listeners, haters or what ever you in it for. This whole chasm has given a lot of authority to these sources and therefore has compromised the integrity and loyalty of some these so called "culture keepers". I want to say that over here we don't give two shits if you are getting downloads, plays, male groupies, but we are not against it either.  What is more important is that you have a message that resonates and you are putting out quality material. The other thing about culture is that it stems from activity and it always has. Our experience has proved that over and over again. The culture can be shared now more readily but ultimately building comes from direct communications and your message is felt inside of your bodies cells. Hip hop is something that has been given a bad rap because anyone can write a poem and record it, but that does not make you hip hop. You may have some people fooled but that shit don't fly over here B.  We want to also say that we encourage you as an artist to keep creating regardless of who supports you. The truth is that your environment and your soul may not be in total agreement with each other all the time. But that is the fight that is changing our planet for the better.  If you are someone that is not an artist but goes to shows and lends your ears, then you are helping give someone the courage to keep fighting.  If you are someone that walks out on someone pouring their heart to you, then you know what you are a testament of something that spiritual people call faith.  There is no room to be soft out here and a true warrior is able to withstand and persevere this battle.  I want to give special love to all the independent artists that are pushing the envelope without some of the luxuries of slime ball sponsorship from scum bucket "promoters" of hip hop. You gotta know they are just building their reputation off of hungry artists. They are not too willing to take a stand and have an opinion because they are chasing what they think will give them the most attention.  If you are putting on people cause you believe in their abilities and want the world to feel how you feel, then I want to know your are cherished.  The artist that is still rapping over their vocals will soon be excommunicated from the temple of hip hop and the Dj that spins wax will be given the job. The one that doesn't is giving another kind of job behind closed doors to a hybrid human or some kind of cross between Dracula and Beetlejuice.  Take a stand for what you think is dope, not because someone else convinced you. The truth about a lot of our favorite artists is that the music has always been separate from the persona because we were in our rooms listening to it to help us with what ever situation we faced. The current situation is that people are preoccupied with the persona and image and not acknowledging that their music and over all contribution to the culture is lacking.  That has also troubled me in attempts of presenting my self as a "rapper" in my youth, because everyone has a different image of what a rapper is and mostly the portrayal is suspect.  Having a good judge of character does not mean you are judging someone for their lifestyle. I think that in general we need to move towards awareness of the cultural benefaction of hip hop rather than following what you think is gonna get props from the masses. That is enough analysis for now, lets give some examples of what we want to see more of in our community. 

Just a few people from our own insight that we want to acknowledge as 2015 comes to closure.

Tahaj the 1st with the #dopebeats. He put out three ep's this year with different underground rap artists that were all completely different conceptually and overall very proper.  The first was "It's an Everyday Thang" by Gigio, The 2nd was "Flea Circus" by Z-Man and the third was "Thanks Tahaj" by Goodword. This dude cooks up beats on the regular so be sure to check those projects out and be ready for the next batch. 

Being observers of the hip hop environment, we wanted to give a recommendation to Unlearn the World for not only being a raw and hard working performer and dope freestyle emcee but also some one that is humble. You can catch him at almost every underground hip hop show, showing love and building with a lot of the underground heads. Peep out his album "The Wake Up Call" and make sure to say what's hatnin when you see him in the place.

DJ Hi/Lo, Champ NASA , Morris Done, Kaly Jay, & Xiomara are The People's Tree. They are one of best Hip hop groups to come out of bay area in a very long time. It is a natural glow and and also a very warm ode to their musical and spiritual influences that make them such a special group. They put out the "Treedom" ep which is just a little taste of what's to come. All of them are individual artists so you could expect a lot of  beautiful sounds coming from that treehouse.  

Any body that is into hip hop that comes to visit San Francisco, we recommend spending your Sunday night at The Boom Boom Room for Hip Hop ROTC.  This event is a hotbed for some of the most talented freestylers and hip hop artists in Northern California. Not only that, the event has a live Band,  Jenna Medina and the Gemstone Band, DJ Kevy Kev, as well as featured acts spotlighting some of the Bay Area's rising hip hop artists and OGs.  Watch a couple episodes of  ROTC TV and you can get an idea of what you will be taking a part of. 

In memory of "Professor" Xavier Narez 


September 1987 - June 2015. (R.I.P. Xavier Narez)

This weekend of late June, we have been sadly informed of the loss of our comrade & contributor to the great Bay Area hip hop community, Xavier Narez (known to his artist peers as Professor Xavier). One can only imagine the circumstances that would lead the bright, young, talented brother to take his own life. We can only wish that the brother would have held on a little longer to make reason of this life. We pray for your spirit's peace as we continue to remember your goofy sense of humor & we commemorate the legacy of beautiful music you left us with, dear brother Xavier.
Professor Xavier wore the hat of a producer in the realm of bay area hip hop & he wore it as a crown of humility all the while honing his craft like all good masters. As a producer, one gives life to a piece of music that becomes it's own ethereal winged-body of spirit that resembles infinity just the same as a human being. Throughout the course of his young life, Xavier has left behind a quite extensive & dope trail of his musical (spiritual) essence for all of us to follow & bless our earholes with for a lifetime. Professor Xavier  was a crate digging, sample flipping producer studied in the ways of the hip hop golden age pioneers. Perhaps most noteworthy of his collaborations was the production work he's done for leading Bay Area emcee Equipto & his camp at Solidarity Records.
I would become aware of Professor Xavier circa 2009-2010, a time that I was mad productive with my crew Associated Fresh & we would begin forming musical links with Bored Stiff & Solidarity through which we met our fellow comrade Xavier in hip hop.  First piece of work of X's that sticks out in my head I remember seeing / hearing was this beat he did for EQ on this song (music video), "Subliminal" (2010).

A crucial foundational piece in the Solidarity Records movement, Professor Xavier would also be a lead producer in the careers of Sacramento rap crew Verbal Taktiks between the years 2005 & 2011. Some of Xavier's dopest contributions to the group would backdrop their rhymes on "Coffee House Chronicles Books 1-7: Morning Brew" (2010). Also peep this heavy, gritty soul banger Xavier produced early on for these spitters back in 2005 titled "No Tears".

2011, Professor Xavier continued to show & prove himself as an integral part of the Solidarity Records sound. I remember being in Associated Fresh at the time; we had been heavily inspired by the Hiero collective with Opio being each our particular favorite lyricist (not just in Hiero but period) & having come to admire the O.G.  Equipto, Bored Stiff & the good dudes at Solidarity Records through our growing relationship, how stoked we were to learn that Queezy was teaming up with the Souls of Mischief lyricst Opio himself for a collaborative album, "Red X Tapes". We couldn't wait to hear what the two had been cookin' up. We were even more excited to finally hear the finished product & undeniably, the Professor Xavier produced anthem, "Buildin'", would be the biggest standout joint of the project. Xavier went in & cooked up some magical, mystical jazz concoction that was an easy platform for the two seasoned bay area veterans to trade powerful bars on. I remember how excited X was about the collaboration. My crew shared in his spirit of excitement. It was (IS) really somethin' special!

My fellow Associated Fresh comrade & friend Dren Doh, whom I was living with at the time in 2011, would begin embarking on a project completely produced by Professor Xavier. I got to witness the making of the album on Dren's end up-close as a roomie. Xavier's beats had always been fresh but he was on the cusp creatively, breaking new grounds, trying new sounds out & doing experimental things . On the other hand, Dren Doh, someone with deep mileage in regards to this rap shit, was maturing in content & becoming more abrasive verbally; you couldn't predict what the guy was gonna say next. It made you uncomfortable in a fun way. Between Professor Xavier's groundbreaking new hip hop sounds & Dren Doh's new lyrical insight, the whole thing was fresh & exciting to see (hear) come together. The result would surface a few years later (2014) via the project titled "Of Mice & Mutants". Definitely somethin' for the hip hop heads & music lovers to bump & appreciate! My personal favorite song is easily "Cornerstore". Initially, one song that first surfaced curiously didn't make the actual album download does have a video, "Tend the Rabbits".

Flash forward 2015. Most recently, Professor Xavier enlisted his talent & musical essence for original Bored Stiff emcees White MIC & Equipto's duo concept, "Phoenix Academy". 14 songs in, the album steezes with Xavier's boom bap, dirty sample slaps soulfully & completely. Peep the song, "High Energy", featuring the voice of the Soul of the Bay himself, Mike Marshall. I just know Xavier had to be geeked to hear Mike Meezy singin' on his shit like that. Yo X, we hope you feel the high energy of your music where you at when we play this shit right here!

Rewind from 2015 to a couple years back in 2010. I was working closely with my partner in rhyme Fluent for our rap duo as Grand Sunz. The first project we released "Rise & Shine" included two very dope beats from the Professor which would turn out to be two of the more standout songs of the album (of course). We cut this song over one of his tracks called "Price of the Beats". The instrumental was perfectly laid out for us to paint it up as we spoke the passion & politics of the producer / emcee dynamic. We spoke our truth as emcees & Professor X spoke his truth as a producer through the instrumental's chorus sample which he manipulated to sing the words, "The price of the beats/ is almost higher than the milk in the streets/ It seems like people will never learn/ to stop spending money that they have/". No matter how hard we try to package it up, shrink wrap it, put it on display for sale, the true essence of a musician's work is priceless & can't be bought. Xavier was hella happy when he heard the finished product of the song.
My boy Fluent even had a gem from Professor Xavier on his solo album, "Running Waters" (2011). Some more soulful jazzy shit from the young Professor with the horns mos def in the pocket; my bro Fluent gets his Marvin Gaye on as easily as the beat asked him to ask, "Can You See?".
During that little time period of 2009 to 2012, I was real productive & making lots of music. I ended up cutting a couple songs with Professor Xavier myself. The one I wanna highlight first in this little memorial of music is special because of the story that went into making it. Xavier sent me a beautiful, powerful, emotional & bass-heavy instrumental. I was inspired to spill my heart hip hop manifesto-style. I wrote what I felt (and knew) was a masterful song. Xavier on the other hand, at the time, in all his honesty wasn't feeling my flow & told me he thought it was terrible (haha). On the real, I didn't get to know Xavier intimately but one thing that was clear about the dude was he was very critical and honest with his opinions when it came to music & you just have to respect that about him. I told him that he couldn't understand what I was going for lyrically & what I was doing was actually next level, not to mention that I got kinda emotional on the track. I shrugged him off about it & ended up releasing the song on my own later. As time would pass, he'd tell me that this track was his favorite song of mine that I cut to his beats. Obviously it grew on him & the song still means a lot to me this day. "I Came To Rhyme".

The last song I cut with Professor Xavier was in 2011. I enlisted my close friend & long-time collaborator the Mighty Leeban to get on the beat with me. He looped up some ill orchestra piano shit that was just a slappin' classic begging to be made. We wrote a song dedicated to the loving hip hop community we're a part of called "Small Bay Area World". X loved it.

In the time that I've known Xavier, I've seen him to have his own wild sense of humor. I've known him to be driven & dedicated to his music; also he's been a great & enthusiastic supporter of his artist peers. He held us in great regards & great respect. Every time I got a chance to talk to him, he always bigged me up hella hard & showed me so much love & would tell me I was one of his favorite lyricists. I can't even completely wrap my head around that but I accept it & I'll continue to honor that by doing my part, making music, pushing the good word, motivating my friends around me & doing my best to keep up with my loved ones. My condolences to his close friends & family & others who are mourning. The Bay Area definitely lost one of their brightest suns this weekend.
Last time I saw Xavier in the flesh was at last year's Haight Street Fest in SF. We were both really juiced to see eachother so we took a photo.
Rest in Peace comrade! It's sad & unfortunate to see you go! I'm-a keep the torch lit down here. You can guarantee that! God bless your soul!

Yours truly,


Andre "Mac dreezy thizzle Washington ronald dregan dregos jr" Hicks will celebrated in film festival fashion you beezy!!! The world premier documentary titled "Legend of the Bay". The golden state warriors talking bout bandwagons, but mac dre had the most wagoneers in the bay when he passed away,  Got fuckbois in the game say they do it for the bay, when they ain't doing nathan but promoting the death of the culture in our cities, but that's neither here nor there, the legend lives on.

    Speaking of legendary we got Return of the Cypher (Hip Hop ROTC) which is really one of the few hubs for the seasoned veteran, the new recruiters and also doesn't discriminate on salty pig eaters and even bottom feeders. This is located in the heart of the Fillmore which has been the birthplace of hip hop legends like Andre Nickatina who should of blew up like Outkast but they was hatin, but don't hate the player hate the game. Or don't even hate the game, just don't give it any energy. It is  the virtual succubent that sucks the life force from wannabee g-units and makes them into hoe cakes that can only be bought with monopoly money at drugs stores that are a cover up for alpha male sex worker rings that only have elite bilderberg clientele.  I does not make this up.

  Return of the cypher got people freestylin like they just smoked a doobie to their head and in a hippy circle with peter tosh and Janis Joplin. Naw they more fresh and versatile.  I was told that the game is to be sold not told but they letting every one at return of the cypher in for the f. Speaking of legend in the bay we have The Gemstone Band on the funky duck sauce breaks and Kevy Kev on the unos y double dos. Also they have a large line up of hip hop friends from the bay and else yonder.

Here We have Tio Gigito and bay Hip Hop Super Heroes Bpos with that Dren Doh Slapper , "Everybody loves hip hop"

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