young scorpion GiGiO releases 3 part comic strip 

The god GiGiO releases 3 part comic strip in full compliment his album due to release next week 12/8/14 for free download, "The Bohemian Behemoth".

Word, ahk! Listen to the title track off the album & next week, download the beast for free @

Peace be upon you!

don't be a turkey: Ras Kass "Nature of the Threat" 

"Now listen, when you celebrate "Thanksgiving"
What you are actually celebratin'
Is the proclamation of the Pope of Rome
Who later, in league with Queen Isabella
Sent Cardinal Ximenos to Spain
To murder any blacks that resisted Christianity
These Moors, these black men and women were from Baghdad, Turkey
And today, you eat the turkey, for your "Thanksgiving" day
As the European powers destroyed the Turkeys
Who were the forefathers of your mothers and fathers
Now fight the power you bitch ass niggas"

- Ras Kass

Catch a Whooping Cough from Unorthodocks and Gawdlee 

First off this beat is just nasty, the producer Dr. LA Flow laced them with that 20s Jazz feel with some grimey drums and some dope sound bites in there. This young MC from Phoenix Arizona holds it down with a dope feature from Gawdlee. Both of their styles compliment each other really well. This cat is only 17, so I am sure we will be hearing more from Unothodocks soon enough.

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Hip Hop isn't dead cause Wu-Tang is Forever 

The production backbone of the Wu-Tang temple dynasty RZA, released the album "Bobby Digital in Stereo" 16 years ago today.  He is one wild cat with outlandish concepts and always grimey bluesy soulful sample-based production. We think this album is an album that never really gets the mention when people talk about the who's who's of Wu Wu, but maybe that is why we are able to enjoy it even more.  When a rapper is able to create themselves as another character and ride it all the way out through an entire album; this is something that only real weirdos can appreciate. RZA is definately a creative samurai, only if he'll stop playing with Hollywood Screen Facists and keep diggin in the Crates.  We uploaded the sample to "Love Jones" which is a cutty song from the late 70's by Mighty Ryeders called "Star Children", so chop away and let us know what kind of cake you come up with. BONG BONG!

YCR headnods to Granddad Music by Granddad Woolly  

Go check out the latest track by Grandad Wooly called "Granddad Music". This Indiana emcee has a wide range of styles but he always stays on point with his own voice generated by poetic lyrical content. Right now, Granddad is currently making waves in ATL and recently linked up with SoulBrova to bring you Granddad Music. The beat reminds us of some old 70s movie montage mixed with some kind of soulful drumline sequence. The message is clear that he does not get down with the fuckery that is being fed for hip hop consumption.
Old Souls Stand Up!
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album review: Karen Less, "The Good News" 

With so much misinformation, paranoia, fear & propaganda flooding the media, we've been well overdue for some good news. So what is The Good News & what's it sound like? Karen Less, young emcee out of Oakland, California, dreams up her own version of "The Good News", delivering 14 tracks of honest, common sense, introspective, intelligent storytelling raps over smooth buttery soul sample driven Mike Fish production.
Officially her debut album, Karen Less welcomes you immediately into her soul and her struggles as a human being, in contrast to past hip hop artists who wouldn't let you into their more vulnerable selves until their 2nd or 3rd albums. She's so comfortable in her skin as an emcee and a songwriter. From the gates, she lets you know that she's "not trippin'" & here to do her, explore where she may and learn what she must on her journey. Basically, her lyrical persona is something like a female Fonzi, the utter epitome of "cool", & its obvious to a head that she's a true learned student of Hip Hop. Karen keeps it oh-so-funky & oh-so-Oakland! Her voice & her style compliment the homey Mike Fish's production, laced up with that good classical soul hip hop hotness! They both totally in the pocket with this one. Together they've created some dope timeless music that bridges generation gaps of old & new, all the while staying true to the essence & that there, my friends, is "The Good News".

Out of the 14 tracks on the album, my personal favorite song is "Struggle To Grow". This that type of song that'll make a player change his ways, a gangsta cry and an Athiest pray to a higher power. Surreal talk!

Album now available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon mp3, Google Play, and more!

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