Gee Bag, "Rock On" (new music video) 

Funky hip hop out the UK, Gee Bag takes it back to emcee basics with "Rock On". Str8 rhymin' the whole way through with no chorus!
(S/O Ryan Proctor's Old To The New blog for putting this up so we could share it with y'all ova here.)
Check out the music video here!

Today, Gee Bag also released his album, "Show & Tell"!

Download it for free (or for price of your choice) here:

new artist w/ new video: Traphique, "Write Lane" 

Young Kuwaiti emcee based out of San Francisco Traphique debuts his first solo music video for "Write Lane", directed & edited by Khaled Al Rayes. The video starts with a "Warning" for mothafuckas who are prone to get seizures from epileptic disorders and shit. Very kind of them to include the gentle precaution as the effects are in deed very trippy and a fuckload to take in the eyesockets, not to mention while concentrating on young Traphique's double-time, tongue twisting, lyrical stabs that carry the song. He's got a rapidfire fast flow but there's no tricks of the tongue as everything he's saying is spot on and detail for detail. It's not like cats who be rappin' fast just cuz it sounds cool but when you slow it down, you realize they just sayin' "motha fucka" and variations of a whole buncha times. The kid actually sayin' some substantial shit, b! But yeah, we feelin' "Write Lane" ova here! Check it out for yourself but don't lose ya head!

S/O Big Zeke the Politician on the beat! Yee!

Speak With Beats TV #3: Goldyn Child 

Speak With Beats TV hit us with the 3rd edition of their web series. This time, they profile Goldyn Child, producer out of Vallejo, California. Check it out as they chop up game about how growing up listening to WuTang would influence Goldyn Child to make beats and see him in his process make a beat from scratch. Hip hop lives and breathes!

album review: Still People, "Last Daze Trilogy" 

Woosh! The best hip hop music too often goes under the radar of loving aficionados' noses. If you're blessed to be involved and connected to the bay area hip hop culture, community and movement, then you can put your nostrils to this here (trust). So what do you get when you take producer / DJ Dasman out of Vallejo & stick him with San Francisco native emcee MORris Done? You get Still People. I think I get it. No matter what or how many times we stumble in life, at the end of the day, we're STILL human beings (you gotta love it). The catch is simple yet solid as they put it on their bandcamp, "UNcommon music 4 COMMON people". Word.
On November 30, 2014, Still People release their debut album to the hip hop world, "Last Daze Trilogy". 24 tracks deep, "Last Daze Trilogy" is a sophisticated journey of sound blending Dasman's jazzy melancholy sample progressions, gritty soundbites, oldschool cuts and scratches with
MORis Done's smooth smokey voice and flows touching subject matters that are oftentimes very existential just living in the moment of the music taking place. Young brothers in the game they might be but the music is very mature and communicates they've deeply loved and studied Hip Hop for a long time. MORris Done's flow is new-age but the complexity of his lyricism tied to his point of view combining Dasman's dusty, crate diggin', bluesy musical underscore and this shit actually sounds really throwback. The sound their chemistry produces is reminiscent of that Soundbombing era shit when cats like Mos Def, Pharoahe Monch & Talib Kweli were first really startin' to bubble over those Hi Tek & Jay Dee (Dilla) instrumentals that was goin' on's, yahmean? But this is something brand new & something completely different. And it's 24 tracks and that's a lot of music. So chill the fuck out, relax your brain waves and let the music do the talkin'. You'll be aiight, we promise.

Download "Last Daze Trilogy" free or donation of your choice here:

A personal standout track to me was "Smoke Signals". Check it out!

new music video: Ensemble Mik Nawooj, "C.R.E.A.M." 

Oakland's own hip hop symphony orchestra Ensemble Mik Nawooj led by JooWan Kim (we see what you did there) enlist town lyricists Do D.A.T. & Sandman (not Homeboy but the "homeboy" none-the-less) of The Attik fame to pay homage to the timeless Wu-Tang wonder, "C.R.E.A.M.". This is the type of shit that'll make your jaw drop and the soggy cereal fall out your mouth back into the bowl you were eating out of because its that fuckin' dope. So peep game & get your mind blown one time. Its a good thing, we promise.
Nah but for real, if you're gonna cover a hip hop classic, you should take the classical approach.
Check it out:

& to top it off, these cats all got featured on THE WALL STREET JOURNAL w/ this shit.
Read that article here:

new music video: Homeboy Sandman, "Anything" 

Simple video for a simple yet complex song by New York underground emcee Homeboy Sandman with "Anything". The envelope pushin' lyricist BoySand boundaries  avant garde thoughtfulness and emcee mastermindfullness showcasing very eloquently and playfully that he, in fact, "can do anything". Rap cats, take notes and free yourselves creatively! (Shout outs to pretty young thang with the ballerina swang!) Yee!

new music video: BPos, "LostFaith" 

Forever faithful, San Francisco Bay Area's most optimistic hip hop crew BPos (short for Be Positive) team up with director Tony Rain to release the (3rd) eye opening visuals for their song, "LostFaith".
Emcee GoodWord plays frontman in the narrative about his encounters with a young lady who becomes deeply jaded upon doing the knowledge on new world order conspiracies. So what exactly are "they" hiding from us, brothers & sisters? At the end of it all, GoodWord in company of the BPos superheroes D-Wiz, Khafre Jay, Gyrl Ab'Strakt & DJ Johnny Venetti raise awareness on crucial issues while holding onto their hope and faith for a "better world".

Peep the video (& look for cameos of other bay area hip hop superheroes i.e. Monk McNizzle & GiGiO, etc;)!

& make sure you check out their album they released this year, "POSITIVE BEINGS"! It is a masterful album filled with funky music & thought provoking messages top to bottom! Don't sleep on the real:

We out here! Yee!

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