Nu Visual by The IMF "82 Beruit"  

The International Messy Flesh snaps with his latest Music Video for the track "82 Beirut”. The song pays homage to an era that most current heads can only imagine. This is that Bay Area Boom Bap that OGs can feel. IMF gives us some references to study up on in his lyrics while letting you know that he will bomb you.  The beat was produced by Lmt. Break, who is producing a whole album set to drop on Asthma Funk Records. This video was directed by Tomas Montoya of . There is a lot of dope cutaways that showcase that 1982 era of street culture.  While the message is kind of a flash back to an era of hip hop, it is also a reminder that we really out here navigating through the streets leaving our mark through our actions.

 IMF in the video looking like a young Yasser Arafat who was chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1982 in Lebanon. They were in conflict with Israel who occupied southern Lebanon bombing the land and killing civilians.  The PLO were removed along with Syrian Influence. Israel was aiming to sign a treaty that  was supposed to promise "40 Years of Peace" in that region. Wonder how that worked out. 


YCR Artist Discussion - OneWerd  


Marjorie finally got a chance to catch up with OneWerd who is about to head on tour to the midwest. She watched the dope show he put together and was able to gather herself from the underground hip hop excitement sizzling out the the Legionnaire in Oakland. OneWerd spoke up about his role organizing and promoting local hip hop shows. If you have ever done this as an artist you can understand some of the pressures. Yet, this is one of tasks that gives you the classification of "independent artist" and having class while doing it is how you are able to continue. OneWerd is an artist that truely loves the culture and we get to know a little bit about what goes into his song creations as a producer as well as conceptualizing material and collaborating. Check out the latest album he put out "The Faculty 2" which displays the vast array of hip hop talent that he has connected with (link below). We also get to look a little bit into how OneWerd was able to get involved in the Universe of hip hop.  A space which may at times seem like it is only open to certain archtypes of rappers. Much respect to all the heads that have rocked with OneWerd and also all the listeners that give us insight of where we might pop up next. Stay Tuned.   


YCR Artist Discussion with LEX the Lexicon Artist 

We recently went and interviewed a female hip hop artist, "LEX the Lexicon Artist", in Oakland for YCR. She invited us to one of her shows which happened to a be a Nerdcore show at a place called Octopus Literary Salon. The reason we chose this particular artist to interview had nothing to do with her identification with Nerdcore but rather that she is a raw performer that has bars. But the experience of the scene from the show was remarkable. The artists had draw and clever crowd participation. The crowd themselves was very diverse being in the Bay Area. But you have to take into account that Nerdcore does not discriminate on its' audience or the artist themselves. Because like LEX points out in some of her material, they are among misfitted youth in another realm than that of Urban Displaced relics of hip hop history. Which yet again some Nerdcore artist are well in fact also Displaced Urban Survivors. How this relates to the Authentic identity of Hip Hop culture is that Hip Hop was originated as a unifying force for the youth gangs and the minority artists that hung out in the parks and school yards of New York's most prominent Black and Latin communities. If there was ever a group to choose to predicate the information of Hip Hop origins, I would seek out the Nerds.

The movie "Dope" shows an example of teenage misfits that resonate with Hip Hop identity even though in the film they are in a punk band.

The universities of the world have established that Hip Hop is for even those that are higher educated not just in college campuses but in the iconography of popular culture in the matter of gaming, comics, science fiction, and other nerdy folklore that 'regular' muggles love to hate on. Living in the bay area I like to do my best in understanding the themes that generate a spark in our great divide. We are constantly divided by everything even though we all have access to the same programs. Simply choosing to give respect to different regions of identity, you have gain an ability to get along with everyone. I also believe that being nerdy is kind of a cool thing to be in the bay area with all the technology empires that have sprouted on the same soil of the pioneers for social change and equal rights. Witnessing the Voltron of these societal generations is very mystifying if you look beyond the surface perceptions.

Shout out to Marjorie and Lex for the dope interview.



Listen and download "LEX is More" here

Taste Nate "Caprican" EP now published on Itunes, Spotify, Tidal, Google, Amazon, etc... 

The "Caprican" ep was originally released on Jan 8th, 2014 (my bornday). The idea was to incorporate the statements of my inner and outer being. Caprican translates to Puerto Rican Capricorn. The beats that I selected were mostly sample based cuts all provided by Lord Lorenz. Lorenz production initiated the space to get into that cool earthy element of the season. With this kind of project I steer away from becoming overly technical and just flow with inspiration. In that silence, I am able to explore some truth in words and wake up to the acceptance of unconditioned love. Now that all sounds good on paper (or wax) but actually practicing and living it is the challenge. However, you can notice the emotional and spiritual growth of myself as an artist and man from the lessons on this album. There is a great deal of wisdom that is always a joy to listen to, it is like rereading your own personal story in rhyme form. Some messages known deep within us are able to shine through the music because it is a territory where I am free.

Taken from the song "Inhale Aquila"


There is also a great deal of freedom to be weird, random and  out of your mind.  For example, there Is a track on this album called "Snow Bunny Holes" talking about the attraction to white woman and tantra healing each other, there is a great deal of witty wisdom in there even though it is nutty.  That song sampled two versions of "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane.  Furthermore, If you watch the video for created "Applause Beware" you will get what I mean about random haha.

Taken from the song  "Snow Bunny Holes"

When writing some of these tracks and many others over the years, I witness an ancient quality to them. I notice this same quality in many other independent artists as well. We are tapping into some of the lost stories and others that are like timeless tales of folklore. At least this is how I imagine it. Sometimes when writing I come across resources that channel the same expression that I am accessing. It is very inspiring and at the same time hard to really explain.  It just is, if you try to interpret it too much on the surface it becomes confusion.  Below the surface you find that there is little need to justify it. It is there for us to explore.

Taken from the song "Serket"

In the end, I look at this album as part of my being but overall I don't care to be labeled by my planetary alignment or my ethnic heritage. It is just an attribute. What is more important is that I have to capacity to transcribe these messages now and have the ability to create from a space of love without being attached to the outcome.  You can download this entire album or any of our music for free on

The video below  is a rare Interview at San Francisco State University "HardIIObtain" Radio with Above All Elements and Traphique. We are discussing the vibe and production of the project as well a little bit about the philosophy of Taste Nate and the origins of Yellow Cake Radio.


Sueños Reconciliation  


Download the entire album for Free

The brother Herbie One is a dope hip hop producer out here in the bay area. He has released various beat tapes and produced for some of the raw talent in the community.  Herbie One coordinates cutty events that showcase local rappers as well as beat makers.  He has been involved in a company of jazz musicians called Sueños since 2015 and they have already performed in several cities and jazz festivals. They are all classically trained as well Jazz trained players. Their latest release is called "Reconciliation" and that is a powerful exertion to break down within the notes.

The Band Members for this Album:

Joe Palmer, Drums

Steve Conroy, Bass

John Lander, Rhodes

Jovan Alexandre, Tenor Sax

Noah Frank, Trumpet 

Eli Maliwan, Additional sounds


 Herbie One started writing material for "Reconciliation" in 2007 when he heard a trumpeter from New Orleans, Christian Scott , for the 1st time. He was building with his former group "Synthesis" from about 2007-2010  Herbie transitioned his creative energy to producing hip hop beats and Synthesis kind of dismantled.  Herbie started  Sueños in 2015 after spending the summer in the Washington Heights district of New York City.  One day in the summer of 2015, Herbie was at the West 4th subway station after attending the Blue Note. He randomly bumped into the drummer Joe Palmer. They both went to Berklee College of Music in Boston together. Joe is also a producer under the name of  XOPTF.  After reuniting that day, they collaborated on late-night beat making sessions over the summer and finished an instrumental album called "Snakes Will Bite". Sueños began by playing mostly jazz and hip hop covers but naturally gravitated to creating more original material. When the time came to record the album, Herbie traveled back from the Bay Area to New York City. Joe helped him bring together the additional players for the sessions and booked the studio. They recorded at Teaneck Sound Studio, which is operated by one of the former drummers of the band Blood Sweat and Tears.  Joe discovered this connection from his teacher Lenny White (Return to Forever)


"I recorded Reconciliation last summer when I was living in Brooklyn. We are going back into the studio in September to record our 2nd album." 

-Herbie One

Reconciliation is like a binding of Herbie's experience in the Vibrant colors of New York City as well as the cosmic and chill elements found in the Bay Area.  In a way it is regaining the momentum he anticipated in his previous band. The album also fuses together the technical jazz improvisation with the hard breaks for any emcee that is looking for to catch a vibe.  Some of these tracks flow with catchy melodies while others are more experimental. The recordings are very sonically pleasing. The album was recorded in New York, but it was mixed and mastered in Berkeley by Charlie Wilson at Sonic Zen Records. It is super dope to forge these relationships and connections on both ends of the country, especially in a melting pot tradition like Jazz music.  The performance of the players made it seem like that had been playing these songs together for a while but they only really rehearsed once before going in the studio and recording this joint. They are really great at what they do!

Herbie one on the tracks "Reconciliation" and "Affection: 

"I wrote those 2 joints when I was 17"

*bars!!(The drummer Brandon Drumwisdom Farmer also produces hip hop beats and the sax player Eli "Rice Kings" has an electronic side project)




Morris Done FreeVerse + Hollow Earth in SEATTLE  

Gigio, Taste Nate, and Morris Done traveled up to Seattle last fall for the "Eye Am Not My LAMB" Tour.  They were able to build with the Brother Thad Wenatchee at Hollow Earth Radio. What are your feels about the concept of the Hollow Earth? It is in those Oceans where you are able to be re-aquainted with the Merfolk? If you go to Antarctica and you find the hidden Nazi Silo will it take you to the space ship of the Vril society?  When you get in to the ship, you think you are gonna go into the air like young Spock but you actually go into an opening in the surface of the earth. Is this where Reptilians are hiding? Is our Earth in fact one living breathing Organism that has a nucleus? If the earth unfolds its spine tingling mystery will we be able to rid ourselves of all the fuckery? Does the Inca and the Maya culture know more than Neil Degrasse Tyson and all his Scientifical Debukery? That felt good but lets slow down and get back to solid state flat earth.  We met some cool heads like Carter & Ellis Wilson who happen to be Repping Oakland. Go Figure.  Ok//Funk and Vaughn are two beat producers/artists that are super nice with their craft plus humble and super chill. I Just discovered that Vaughn dropped a nasty beat Tape called "Trees". And you can buy those in the Flower Boutique in Seattle for a little surcharge off the street price.

 Make sure to get some "Trees" in your life by Vaughn it's that choppy glitchy Super Sonic sample based hip hop that you can bug out to. The live beat scene is Seattle is crazy, it has its own lane which is extraordinary. The producers get to shine which is something we appreciate coming from an era where rappers don't bother to give production credits or even build with a DJ to Lord Finesse the elements of authenticated hip hop. Someone gotta school the youth with this culture, but its outchea on this earth plus above the clouds and underground. Speaking of Trees, the Peoples Tree's own Morris Done came to rock with us on tour. We went to go and visit his Uncle Bruce Lee's Grave but the Cematary was closed. We decided to let him spark up a backwood with Seattle's Best and bust a FreeVerse.  He came with the most bars on one YCR Freeverse to this day. Peep that out one time as well as our recap at Hollow Earth Radio. Outchea

Lord Lorenz - Ego Thiefin' but It's nothing personal 

Lord Lorenz drops a humble beat tape under his Ego Thief moniker. I remember a few years ago when he started launching his ego their onslaught. I was recording my album Inwords "Words From Within". I was flipping those thangs over before anyone else could get a chance to shine through. I have since learned to chill off that cause the way Lord Lorenz works there is enough for everyone to eat. I am still eating off some of his noise from 2014.  Something we have always acknowledged with yellowcakeradio is not only the sample itself but the way you can turn it out and make your own. I think Lorenz not only does this extremely powerful, he even manages to take it to a new planet or its own genre-bending lane.  Sometimes I am so out of the loop with contemporary or popular music, that I don't even know what song it is until after we already wrecked on it. This is one of the many reasons I am in love with hip hop, not only can you learn about your self you can discover whole new "Avenues of Awareness"

Q: Why did you choose the name mediation?
A: "Well in all honesty ; all happens naturally ; I don't choose the title the title chooses me" 

 "I was in a situation and went through the ups and down and I ended up feeling left out.  I felt releasing this is what makes all of me ( personalities ) happy. Like it's a mutual agreement : cause when I focused on others, I don't attend to what I require : so I get upsets. 
So I have to do certain things to make myself happy cause I make myself mad. The titles and it all usually just occurs : I don't force ; the signs just highlight and it makes sense." 

Mediation is a term I am very familiar with in my life, Cause I often feel like I tend to be in between people's disputes and disturbances as young Janet says "that's the way love goes."  I never mind cause I feel that it helps to be objective in certain situations and also be able to guide your people through compassion. And Montel said "I never come wack on an old school track". Some of us are able to drift into the depths like Aqua Man and some of us are able to fly high into the Air like Superman and others wanna get really mad and fuck shit up like the Incredible Hulk. I feel like The Hulk best depicts Lord Lorenz's Steelo. He is like that chill back H-Town Scientist, but he needs a little spark of Anger and Rage to come out and destroy your life with his audio. But don't Forget that the Hulk is still a Hero, he has been helping a lot of people other than myself to turn out these records on some high level consciousness and genuine love light for those that are chuned in.  OUCHEA


Hashbrown the Slowmantic and The Cluff release "Hashbreak" EP 

The Brother Hashbrown swam out his crab shell to share his love story. Love music is something we are very adamant about because it has always been the vessel for which our emotions can travel through. I think that hip hop love stories are not lacking but they have been covered up with too much externalized nonsense. Always giving us this skewed perception of what the real vision is.  Many of us men and woman travel through this journey with jaded notions about our experiences or develop unrealistic expectations of the foundation. Hashbrown has delved into this uncomfortable space with his dreadlocks shaking and his choppy Shaman fiya flow to direct his hearticles. I always look at this as constructive to one man's divine powers when he is able to voice his feelings, a lot of times it takes someone to hurt us whether it be intentional or not. We don't always get the liberty to choose who we love, it kind just gets presented or it is something that was there the whole time waiting for us to give it a go. I feel like his process is finding the answers he craves and also having a guideline to his slowmantic patterns. Overall the gift is being strong enough to display the sincerity of his love. Props to Hashbrown and The Cluff for a solid production coming out of Knock Knock Studios . Give it up to the Lovers, outchea.


There are all these weird little things that we are willing to do for some one when we are in love with them. Like for example, have you ever facetime watched a movie and Synched Up the beginning of the film so there is no delay between the time you see it and they do? We truely live in a weird time when love is at our finger tips but really I believe that most of us men really wanna feel that energy balance. This visual filmed by The Cluff and Tanie Lynn accompanies the Hashbreak EP perfectly and is yet another example of a powerful affirmation of love.

steam or download the entire project  at

Have you cried for Sonny Liston? 

Earlier this year, the world lost one of our treasured champions, many would argue, the greatest of all time: Muhammad Ali! But Yellow Cake Radio begs the question to all you conscious daughters, "have you cried for Sonny Liston?" Back in 1964, when Cassius was still made of Clay standing in the haunting shadows of a champion, he had to climb & knock down the notorious Sonny heights that defeated many warriors before him. The free nation was torn apart in anticipation & ultimately this fight would become symbolic in AmeriKKKan history.
That's when the admirable goomy bear Admiral Taste Nate pulls up in the golden ivory merkabah looking like a goomed out flossy Rican Marty McFly ​to undisclosed mad scientist laboratory in Downtown Frisco to swoop the silver-haired, silver-tongued spitter M.C. Mars looking like a Bay'd out thugg'd o.g. Doc Brown for a huvverboy time travel mission back to the 60's. Before Mars hops in, he's like "Yo Nate! Is it cool if I take the wheel?"
Nate is like "Yup it's all good! But don't take the long way!"
To which M.C. Mars replied with a smooth cheshire cat grin, "You already know, kid."
Then down the bunnyhole, the two dope boys went.
It's hard to say just how long Taste & Mars were gone for. Time travel is weird like that, b. You can't really keep tabs on it cuz shit changes up, life is like a box of chocolates & outta nowhere, life WAS like a box of chocolates & you thizzin' with the Berenstain Bears asking old folks, "You remember when everything only cost a nickel?" That's the Mandela Effect, b. I think I learned about it on an episode of Simpsons or some shit like that. I don't know. Anyway, the brothas unearthed the heart of this great fight & returned with this ill cutty music video as proof of evident dopeness. One for the archives, fa sho! Smoke a Cuban cigar & break out the wine bottle for this one, G. As we find out, the beginning of one's legacy was the end of another's all whirled & shit.

I have to say, Taste Nate & M.C. Mars' "Ends of Ones Whirled" is truly hip hop at its finest. As if the song didn't already crack, then they hit you with the video smack. My ninjas is hard bruh.
Be sure to cop the artful & heartful project by Taste Nate online & slump that shit if you real one: Have they cried for Sonny Liston?
If you in that 415 on September 4th, you know what it is. Come party w/ us @ the Boom Boom Room as we celebrate another one w/ our favorite hip hop o.g. M.C. Mars!

Breathless More than a fly woman Spitter 

         Don't get it twisted the New Visual By Breathless is much greater than a turn up about how fly you are since you on the scene shining (not that it ain't).  This is more about empowerment and teaching the children about becoming the celestial being that they are meant to be. She is also throwing a lot references of historical heroines for the listener to identify and search for within themselves.

"Man i am feeling like a falcon, like i'm malcom in air 
like i'm assata and coretta with some angela flair"

"i feel like i'm sojourner man i be telling the truth 
or like i'm betty mixed with frida when i'm up in the booth"

Breathless is leading the strides for female artists in the Bay Area to open up and tell their own stories and doing so by spreading love and knowledge of self more than anything.  When you have love in your heart and that inner knowing, you are able to fly above all the heavy mess that is a part of this dream we are living.

"The meaning behind this song is a lot deeper than some airplanes and a woman who flew around the world.....if you aren't sure about females who spit....if you think you may like hip hop but need something to push you over the edge? Seriously yo....Nina Simone said we have a duty to tell the truth as it is as an artist....all I can do is tell the TRUTH!"


Last but not least gotta give it up to all the dope hip hop dancers in this video for bringing in the whole other element of hip hop which is so power full and a large representation of our counter culture.  I think many of us have forgotten our "tribal relations" and they can easily be activated through movement and dance. Be on the looks for her album "Lovelution" dropping soon.


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