Stems of Wisdom - 432 Blooms (new music) 

I started my band Stems of Wisdom in 2010 in San Mateo California. We recorded more than 50 songs but never released a project. Most of the joints were electro dance flips with bay area rap anthems. I decided to bring the name back in 2018 as a part of my label Yellow Cake Radio. The name represents a lot of growth as an artist and is giving space to create more original content. I am glad to have an outlet for all the different variations of my poems and artform. We just released a single "432 Blooms". It is sample based hip hop with a message.

One Love


2/22 Compilation Announcement  

Yellow Cake Radio is getting ready to release an idea into the universe, which is something we imagined like 7 years ago when we started putting out digital tapes.  We have always enjoyed collabortation with different styles of artists.

Taste Nate "The Path Without" 2014 is a compilation with multiple producers and artists themed for the inverse side of "Inwords"

In 2016 Lord Lorenz blessed YCR with a plethora of waves, from those tracks I wrote L.A.M.B. and we started picking out beats for certain artists that we met from doing shows and touring as well as close friends and family. "CAKE MIX LVL1" is a rap compilation that was made possible because there are still heads that love Hip Hop as much as we do and for whatever reason they came through to serve the culture. We won't describe the sound or vibe of this project just yet, but we will say that there are still so many talented folks in the Bay Area and beyond that we would love to work with and releasing this tape is a part of that intention.

Too Tough is Bridging The Gap with "50 X Around The Sun" 

The Big Homie Too Tough just released a massive album. The project features over 59 artists, rappers, emcees, singers, and musicians that he has connected with over the past couple years. He structured the project in a way that lets everyone represent their own unique shine and gives them a chance to collaborate with some of their peers. We were able to get a few words about it from Too Tough himself. 


I kind of see this project as a portrait that is composed of a bunch of separate pieces of art. How did you picture this vision from the start? 

Too Tough: 

I pictured this project as a way to bridge the gap between old school and new school hip hop in the Bay area. I really wanted to get more old school artists on the project.  I reached out to a lot of artists. There are over 50 artist on this project and this is why it took so long to complete. There were some topics that I had to have on this album.  I am very grateful of the artists that worked with me on the subjects that I had to have. I worked with artists to come up with the hooks. I also work with musicians. Most of the time I let them play along to something basic that I created. 


That is exactly the something I noticed off the jump. What are some of the issues that the OGs and new wave need to collaborate on more? 

Too Tough: 

This is still in response to the 1st question The album has a direction and to be able to connect the dots you have to listen to it from start to finish like a 360゚. From the beginning to the end is 50 times around the Sun. The consciousness of the babies, YES!, That's where we have to Bridge the gap. With all the information available to us now. Foundations need to be built, differences need to be put aside, for a strong future. Really there just needs to be dialog. 


I think projects like this are significant to show that we relate a lot more than we think sometimes. There is a lot of love out here, that is apparent in the music.  I like the way you blended artist's styles. Some artists you wouldn't typically hear on a track together. Was there any method to choosing what artists you wanted to collaborate with? Did you select certain arrangements with artists in mind? 

Too Tough: 

Most deaf.  I liked putting Unlearn The World on a relationship song. I sought him out for that.  I had Z-Man, and Breathless in mind for "Mental Infection". Yes!!! Tony Diamonds came up with the concept for his feature,  but it was me that got the other artists to flip their chorus in the same rhyme style. We get down every Monday at the studio. This album was done over the course of many Mondays. A team of writers would come through and vibe to the beats and come up with songs.


I feel like there is a Mobb music/g funk influence on both the production as well with many of the artists on this album. Has this always been your M.O.? More importantly how do you describe your sound? 


Too Tough: 

My team has always referred to me as a funk master. Big Hook & D. Funk were always tweaking the knobs wit me.  That is what I consider it to be. A fusion of funk and hip hop. It's always been that formula. This was the era that me and my peers came up in, so there is an influence. More a P-Funk than a G-funk, because Mack Team music has been around before G funk. 


I feel that let us know how Mack Team got started? 

Too Tough: 

The Mack Team was started officially in 1991. Although some would debate. When the SuperMacks and Mackin Too Tough united to form a new Empire in hip hop The Mack Team Regime. 


I find it very significant to recognize the female presence on your project. How important do you find it to establish a better balance with the female artists in the culture? Did you intend on doing that from the gate? 

Too Tough: 

I would have loved there to have been more. I think it is important to have balance. Perhaps as time goes on, we will learn to have some. I have some stuff down the pipeline with other female artists. I enjoy working with people bringing out the best in them that I know how. I think a lot of the artists were open to doing that and that really worked out well. 


I know you mentioned you have more music on deck when can we expect the next drop and where can we find it? 

Too Tough: 

It's going to be a mixtape called “Just A-day”. It  will only be released on dat piff and I will probably press up some CDs of  "50 times around the Sun" with it to make it a double album. That will be coming out next.

Oscar Goldman "Prevoid" ep preview 

Our homie Oscar Goldman Just released his latest ep on Fake Four Records!! 


YCR: You gotta a new ep out called "Prevoid" tell us what is the meaning/purpose behind that title?

OG: Prevoid has 2 meanings. Number one it's to prevent and avoid... lots of peeps wanna bring shade to ya life and we do our best to prevent or avoid it.. number two is the pre void.. like whenever we were kids.. just an easier time 

YCR: So is it kinda like looking back to a time when it was more carefree and at the same time not caring what haters gotta say bout it? OG: Yuppppp... and believe me even the haters are gonna love it.

YCR: Haha I heard that, how did you link with the producer Casey Chisholm and what went into the process of creating this joint? 

OG: I met Casey Chisholm in 2010 doing a show with him and our local town of Sonora. We made an EP together back in 2013 called "Overwhelmed" and I've always wanted to make a full-length album together. Early in 2016, we started making this project. When I was making this project, I was watching a lot of old VHS movies and drawing a lot. so that was a lot of inspiration for this project.

YCR: Oh man that is a good Khemestry, What VHS tapes inspired this ep? 

OG: Anything with Rick Moranis

YCR: Good choice, I was told once I looked like a young Rick Moranis. 

OG: Hahahahaa, Amazing Balls  

YCR: You also reference Wrestling a lot in your music what classic Wrestler would you say your rap style is influenced by? 

OG: The Ultimate Warrior for sure.. not the one who came back to the WCW to lose to Hollywood Hogan, I mean the old WWF Ultimate Warrior 

YCR: His lats were fierce lol, RIP 

OG: HAHAH fosho, He was da man. 

YCR: Tell the people about how you started getting into rapping and performing and what it is like being a rapper in a small town? 

OG: I started rhyming around 2006 with Notorious Boris cuz he had a home studio. I really started performing around 2010 and every year I try to do as many shows as possible. Doing shows in a small town and being a hip hop artist has always been a challenge but at the same time it's been great cuz everybody who is into Hip Hop has always been supportive 

YCR: Uhh shout out Boris!! That is always a beautiful thing to get love in your home town and dope that you rep your soil. Is that how you met Ceschi, doing shows or how did you guys link up? 

OG: I met Ceschi in 2016. I did a show with him at the honey hive gallery in San Francisco. After that show we be talked and became good friends. From then on it's been nothing but amazing.

YCR: Word, shout out Wolf Langis at the Honey Hive. So I wanna say my favorite tracks on here are "Deep End" and "Drive You Crazy" can you give us a little insight about the creative concepts for those gems? 

OG: Deep end is basically about the deep end of the pool. People are always scared of the deep end but I just used it to tread water. Drive you crazy came to me because one day. I was at the mall and noticed I was getting gawked at more than usual. And it kind of drove me crazy 

YCR: I feel it Gawking Squaks. What do you do when people drive you crazy without becoming crazy too?

OG: I write songs. 

YCR: That is a very healthy outlet. What else do you have coming up next with your music? Is there a full length album to follow this? 


OG: If you head over to Fake Four's Bandcamp you can download the EP for free or buy the full length album for $4 that has twice as many songs. 

YCR: Sweet, is there anyone else you wanna acknowledge or shout out? 

OG: Shout out to Taste Nate and Yellow Cake Radio.  Shout out to Ceschi and Fake Four Records. A huge shout out to anybody who's listen to the EP or bought the album. 

Go watch the Official Video for "Hideaway" by Oscar Goldman feat. Ceschi.



"Top 10" by 60 East (prod. by Phil The Pain) 

View that New 60 East  video produced by Phil The Pain.

60 breaks down his top 10 concisely with an actual song to explain his selections.. I respect his approach by naming his list and what they meant to him. Honestly, choosing your favorite is not easy and it is completely subjective. Not every one is gonna be happy with your choices, so it could be wiser to make it more of a personal statement. The style and talent they display some how resonates with you as a human and that is what makes them great. A lot of folks have not even studied the legends like Rakim, Krs, Kane, Ice T, Cube or Kool G so they cannot relate. The evolution of the art form has a great deal to do with who is the greatest. I feel like a lot of people can only extend their list to what they been fed which is not really a big stretch from a BillBoard choice.

As some of you may know, Billboard came out with a list recently.  They not only upset a ton of fans but many big name artists were furious. I think it is funny because they could spend their energy giving the legends recognition rather than bashing an article. At the same time, many of Billboards choices didn’t do anything for myself as an artist or an individual, they didn’t have E-40 listed, Nope haha.  My opinion is that your list can change every year and that you can always look to others to learn about some of these legendary rappers. The other thought is that Hip Hop is like 40 years old.  We could easily specify different sub genres of the culture. You could make a list for every sub genre and compile a list from every number one on each of them. That seems very extensive, I am more on par with 60 East by relating your selections to what they have taught you as a man.


Click on the cover art to listen to "The Freeway Series Vol.2: Cruise Control"




Nu Visual by The IMF "82 Beruit"  

The International Messy Flesh snaps with his latest Music Video for the track "82 Beirut”. The song pays homage to an era that most current heads can only imagine. This is that Bay Area Boom Bap that OGs can feel. IMF gives us some references to study up on in his lyrics while letting you know that he will bomb you.  The beat was produced by Lmt. Break, who is producing a whole album set to drop on Asthma Funk Records. This video was directed by Tomas Montoya of . There is a lot of dope cutaways that showcase that 1982 era of street culture.  While the message is kind of a flash back to an era of hip hop, it is also a reminder that we really out here navigating through the streets leaving our mark through our actions.

 IMF in the video looking like a young Yasser Arafat who was chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1982 in Lebanon. They were in conflict with Israel who occupied southern Lebanon bombing the land and killing civilians.  The PLO were removed along with Syrian Influence. Israel was aiming to sign a treaty that  was supposed to promise "40 Years of Peace" in that region. Wonder how that worked out. 


YCR Artist Discussion - OneWerd  


Marjorie finally got a chance to catch up with OneWerd who is about to head on tour to the midwest. She watched the dope show he put together and was able to gather herself from the underground hip hop excitement sizzling out the the Legionnaire in Oakland. OneWerd spoke up about his role organizing and promoting local hip hop shows. If you have ever done this as an artist you can understand some of the pressures. Yet, this is one of tasks that gives you the classification of "independent artist" and having class while doing it is how you are able to continue. OneWerd is an artist that truely loves the culture and we get to know a little bit about what goes into his song creations as a producer as well as conceptualizing material and collaborating. Check out the latest album he put out "The Faculty 2" which displays the vast array of hip hop talent that he has connected with (link below). We also get to look a little bit into how OneWerd was able to get involved in the Universe of hip hop.  A space which may at times seem like it is only open to certain archtypes of rappers. Much respect to all the heads that have rocked with OneWerd and also all the listeners that give us insight of where we might pop up next. Stay Tuned.   


YCR Artist Discussion with LEX the Lexicon Artist 

We recently went and interviewed a female hip hop artist, "LEX the Lexicon Artist", in Oakland for YCR. She invited us to one of her shows which happened to a be a Nerdcore show at a place called Octopus Literary Salon. The reason we chose this particular artist to interview had nothing to do with her identification with Nerdcore but rather that she is a raw performer that has bars. But the experience of the scene from the show was remarkable. The artists had draw and clever crowd participation. The crowd themselves was very diverse being in the Bay Area. But you have to take into account that Nerdcore does not discriminate on its' audience or the artist themselves. Because like LEX points out in some of her material, they are among misfitted youth in another realm than that of Urban Displaced relics of hip hop history. Which yet again some Nerdcore artist are well in fact also Displaced Urban Survivors. How this relates to the Authentic identity of Hip Hop culture is that Hip Hop was originated as a unifying force for the youth gangs and the minority artists that hung out in the parks and school yards of New York's most prominent Black and Latin communities. If there was ever a group to choose to predicate the information of Hip Hop origins, I would seek out the Nerds.

The movie "Dope" shows an example of teenage misfits that resonate with Hip Hop identity even though in the film they are in a punk band.

The universities of the world have established that Hip Hop is for even those that are higher educated not just in college campuses but in the iconography of popular culture in the matter of gaming, comics, science fiction, and other nerdy folklore that 'regular' muggles love to hate on. Living in the bay area I like to do my best in understanding the themes that generate a spark in our great divide. We are constantly divided by everything even though we all have access to the same programs. Simply choosing to give respect to different regions of identity, you have gain an ability to get along with everyone. I also believe that being nerdy is kind of a cool thing to be in the bay area with all the technology empires that have sprouted on the same soil of the pioneers for social change and equal rights. Witnessing the Voltron of these societal generations is very mystifying if you look beyond the surface perceptions.

Shout out to Marjorie and Lex for the dope interview.



Listen and download "LEX is More" here

Taste Nate "Caprican" EP now published on Itunes, Spotify, Tidal, Google, Amazon, etc... 

The "Caprican" ep was originally released on Jan 8th, 2014 (my bornday). The idea was to incorporate the statements of my inner and outer being. Caprican translates to Puerto Rican Capricorn. The beats that I selected were mostly sample based cuts all provided by Lord Lorenz. Lorenz production initiated the space to get into that cool earthy element of the season. With this kind of project I steer away from becoming overly technical and just flow with inspiration. In that silence, I am able to explore some truth in words and wake up to the acceptance of unconditioned love. Now that all sounds good on paper (or wax) but actually practicing and living it is the challenge. However, you can notice the emotional and spiritual growth of myself as an artist and man from the lessons on this album. There is a great deal of wisdom that is always a joy to listen to, it is like rereading your own personal story in rhyme form. Some messages known deep within us are able to shine through the music because it is a territory where I am free.

Taken from the song "Inhale Aquila"


There is also a great deal of freedom to be weird, random and  out of your mind.  For example, there Is a track on this album called "Snow Bunny Holes" talking about the attraction to white woman and tantra healing each other, there is a great deal of witty wisdom in there even though it is nutty.  That song sampled two versions of "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane.  Furthermore, If you watch the video for created "Applause Beware" you will get what I mean about random haha.

Taken from the song  "Snow Bunny Holes"

When writing some of these tracks and many others over the years, I witness an ancient quality to them. I notice this same quality in many other independent artists as well. We are tapping into some of the lost stories and others that are like timeless tales of folklore. At least this is how I imagine it. Sometimes when writing I come across resources that channel the same expression that I am accessing. It is very inspiring and at the same time hard to really explain.  It just is, if you try to interpret it too much on the surface it becomes confusion.  Below the surface you find that there is little need to justify it. It is there for us to explore.

Taken from the song "Serket"

In the end, I look at this album as part of my being but overall I don't care to be labeled by my planetary alignment or my ethnic heritage. It is just an attribute. What is more important is that I have to capacity to transcribe these messages now and have the ability to create from a space of love without being attached to the outcome.  You can download this entire album or any of our music for free on

The video below  is a rare Interview at San Francisco State University "HardIIObtain" Radio with Above All Elements and Traphique. We are discussing the vibe and production of the project as well a little bit about the philosophy of Taste Nate and the origins of Yellow Cake Radio.


Sueños Reconciliation  


Download the entire album for Free

The brother Herbie One is a dope hip hop producer out here in the bay area. He has released various beat tapes and produced for some of the raw talent in the community.  Herbie One coordinates cutty events that showcase local rappers as well as beat makers.  He has been involved in a company of jazz musicians called Sueños since 2015 and they have already performed in several cities and jazz festivals. They are all classically trained as well Jazz trained players. Their latest release is called "Reconciliation" and that is a powerful exertion to break down within the notes.

The Band Members for this Album:

Joe Palmer, Drums

Steve Conroy, Bass

John Lander, Rhodes

Jovan Alexandre, Tenor Sax

Noah Frank, Trumpet 

Eli Maliwan, Additional sounds


 Herbie One started writing material for "Reconciliation" in 2007 when he heard a trumpeter from New Orleans, Christian Scott , for the 1st time. He was building with his former group "Synthesis" from about 2007-2010  Herbie transitioned his creative energy to producing hip hop beats and Synthesis kind of dismantled.  Herbie started  Sueños in 2015 after spending the summer in the Washington Heights district of New York City.  One day in the summer of 2015, Herbie was at the West 4th subway station after attending the Blue Note. He randomly bumped into the drummer Joe Palmer. They both went to Berklee College of Music in Boston together. Joe is also a producer under the name of  XOPTF.  After reuniting that day, they collaborated on late-night beat making sessions over the summer and finished an instrumental album called "Snakes Will Bite". Sueños began by playing mostly jazz and hip hop covers but naturally gravitated to creating more original material. When the time came to record the album, Herbie traveled back from the Bay Area to New York City. Joe helped him bring together the additional players for the sessions and booked the studio. They recorded at Teaneck Sound Studio, which is operated by one of the former drummers of the band Blood Sweat and Tears.  Joe discovered this connection from his teacher Lenny White (Return to Forever)


"I recorded Reconciliation last summer when I was living in Brooklyn. We are going back into the studio in September to record our 2nd album." 

-Herbie One

Reconciliation is like a binding of Herbie's experience in the Vibrant colors of New York City as well as the cosmic and chill elements found in the Bay Area.  In a way it is regaining the momentum he anticipated in his previous band. The album also fuses together the technical jazz improvisation with the hard breaks for any emcee that is looking for to catch a vibe.  Some of these tracks flow with catchy melodies while others are more experimental. The recordings are very sonically pleasing. The album was recorded in New York, but it was mixed and mastered in Berkeley by Charlie Wilson at Sonic Zen Records. It is super dope to forge these relationships and connections on both ends of the country, especially in a melting pot tradition like Jazz music.  The performance of the players made it seem like that had been playing these songs together for a while but they only really rehearsed once before going in the studio and recording this joint. They are really great at what they do!

Herbie one on the tracks "Reconciliation" and "Affection: 

"I wrote those 2 joints when I was 17"

*bars!!(The drummer Brandon Drumwisdom Farmer also produces hip hop beats and the sax player Eli "Rice Kings" has an electronic side project)




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